Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hogle Zoo with Great-grandpa Dan

Just after Halloween my mom, me, Noah and my nephew Nico all went up to Hogle Zoo to meet up with my grandpa Dan, Noah's great-grandpa, from Texas. 

 Noah especially loved the Polar bear. He would squeal and squeal when it walked around. He also loved any of the underwater animals. It was so fun to watch him discover and explore new things.

 A little fun in the gift shop.
 Once he fell asleep, it wasn't nearly as fun for me! Having a baby makes the usual boring experiences quite entertaining. We loved spending time with my grandpa. We only get to see him once a year typically.
 We went to City Creek to eat dinner. This is when Noah started acting really sick. He gagged most of the evening and threw up a couple of times. Mark met us up there and we ended up driving home before dinner was served. 
 And that, folks, is when the terrible month of November ensued. I'm not in the least bit dramatic, am I? 

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