Sunday, January 6, 2013

Noah leading up to THE Mexico trip

 This little boy went through a looooooong stage of hating anything on his feet. It's cold outside dude! Gotta wear SOMETHING! 

 In times of "I think he's healthy....?" we enjoy outings into the real world of WinCo. 
 He threw up five times later that day. I'll never forget haha.

 This is a pumpkin chocolate chip cake with ice cream (and a taste of someone's banana dessert) at Mark's work party up at the Foundry Grill in Sundance. Foodgasm people. It was awesome! We had my sister Erica watch Noah since he threw up right before we were supposed to drop him off at another sitter's house. She was so sweet to come at such short notice. We had a great evening, but worried about Noah at home.

We took him to the doctor 4 times this month. Every doctor we saw just said, "well, he just gets stomach bugs a lot worse than other kids because of his abdominal surgeries."

And that's what I hated to hear each time. His weight stayed the same, and he'd have a day here or there of not throwing up, but he constantly had diarrhea. So basically he wasn't losing weight for doctors to worry much and he'd still act happy after he threw up. He wasn't "miserable"...but it just didn't seem right to me. We prayed and prayed that he'd be better for our Thanksgiving getaway to Cancun. 
 Noah's so funny. He is just like his mama and looves getting tickles, especially on the palms of his hands! It's so random but we love it...anything to make him comfortable! 

 Playing in the barf bowl, naturally.

 Number 3 doctor visit on a Sunday night. He loves looking at fish. He was acting just fine once we got there, of course. 
 Up at Ikea after yet another doctor visit, but this time up to his surgeon's office. Dr. Scaife wrote out a prescription for a strong anti-biotic in case he got worse while we were in Mexico later that week, but he didn't seem alarmed that Noah had been throwing up and had diarrhea for 2.5 weeks straight because he "looked really good." Noah fooled all of us!!
 We knew he wasn't feeling well since he actually lied down. See his ribs? Constant worry people, but doctors weren't!
 The kid is obsessed with toothbrushes. For awhile this is the only thing that would bring a little smile to his face.
 He always seems to get into trouble--but this means he's feeling okay so I do not mind at all!

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