Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Infection, infection, infection, infection

We have a talent of getting ill on average every ten days.

In November and December, we were at the doctor's every week.
January wasn't any better because we were there every 5-10 days getting new antibiotics for ear infections.
He is on his 5th and 6th antibiotic since the first week of December. 
I've had it! So, we have an appointment on Monday to see if getting tubes in his ears will help his situation. The upside? The ear infections are normal baby problems and not Hirschsprung's-related.

The bacteria in his colon has been so imbalanced from all the different antibiotics that they think this is the reason for his current colon infection. 103 degree fever for 4+ hours straight is not okay. We are on the third day of having a fever and it's scary! 
I'm literally putting medicine down his throat every other hour (Augmentin for ear infection twice a day, a Flagyl antibiotic for his colon three times a day, ibuprofen every 8 hours, and Tylenol for the fevers every 4 hours...). He is such a trooper!

Waiting at the Harmon's pharmacy. We've made pretty close friends there this winter!

Not feeling so well. At least he's hydrated (note the tears)! Staying hydrated is our number one goal to avoid another hospital stay!

Because of his high fever and lack of appetite, I was advised by his surgeon's nurse to head up to Primary Children's right away for an abdominal x-ray. He is easily the world's worst patient haha. That x-ray tech was totally flexing for the picture! haha

Passed out on me when we were in the clinic waiting for the doc. The news: "I don't think it is enterocolitis, but let's treat him for it anyway. It can't hurt." This means 10 days of another round of antibiotics (specifically for his colon) and 2 enemas every day for the little guy. 

We are so grateful to have Noah in our lives. I know Heavenly Father loves him and cares about him very much. Before we had him, our lives were so simple and pretty much carefree! We didn't realize how much he would change us, and though times have been stressful, we don't know any differently and are grateful every day that we were blessed to have Noah!

We will see how he does! 
Cross your fingers!


  1. You look BEAUTIFUL in that pic of you two at the pharmacy. And gosh, you guys are so good. I am seriously so impressed with how well you guys take all the sickness. I get frustrated about it and he's not even my kid!! haha I'm like "c'mon already, he's been through enough...can he just not be sick for like 10 minutes?!"

  2. oh ames! i can't even believe all you do! ada's one hospital experience basically gave her white coat syndrome that i'm hoping she recovers from before she's married. i can't even believe what a trooper noah is (not to mention you and mark!)

    know that you're in our prayers!

    p.s. i second what holly says. can you spell "hot mama"?

  3. Amy! I'm so glad you found my blog and I'm SO GLAD that I can now follow yours!!! You are officially the FIRST and ONLY other Hirschsprung's family that I now have a "name" for!!! :D I feel so...not alone!
    Poor little man. :( I'm so sorry he's feeling so crummy and you are on so many drugs for him right now. Titus was just hospitalized two weeks ago with Enterocolitus and is now on the same regimine...4 days of hospital stay, irrigations every 4 hours (for the first four days - now 2x's/day until...???), antibiotics....and now he's got a crazy, insane, HORRIFYING rash again and is having nistatin powder for the rash on his little bottom. I'm SO THANKFUL that you found me. Thanks for hunting us down. Thanks also for inviting us along on your journey. We're honored. We'll be praying for Noah while we praying for our little man. Hugs to you mama!