Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My 24th Birthday

We like to celebrate birthdays the whole month. About a week and a half before my birthday, my mother-in-law Kerri and her husband Brent took Mark and me out to a fancy dinner and yummy dessert. We went to my favorite: Pizzeria 712, followed by the Waffle Luv food truck parked just a few blocks from our apartment. It was the perfect night and DEEElicious. I'm sure I consumed at least 3 pounds of food that night (exactly how it should be for your birthday!). 

I only have these two pictures from my actual birthday...but that just means we were having too much fun to stop and take pictures!
The day before my birthday, Mark surprised me with a new computer! Yay! You all know how much I've been complaining about not having a place to write and store my pictures...well, now I'm totally spoiled rotten. She's a beauty. Mark is the best gift giver I know. 

On the morning of my birthday (Jan. 25th), I got all ready and grabbed Noah to go to a doctor's appointment to get some blood work done, accompanied with birth control pills. Not exactly the funnest start to my birthday but I'm excited to be feeling better! 

I got home, we packed up, loaded the car, and headed SOUTH to SAINT GEORGE because I just couldn't take another weekend of the freezing cold. It was still chilly in St. George, but the sun was out and we got to see the blue sky! I could actually get a breath of fresh air. That was my main request for my birthday weekend; I'm so lucky to have my wonderful Grandma Tutu there and also my dear dear cousins and Aunt Wendy and Uncle Brian there as our gracious hosts. Noah played with their two dogs, fed the golf course swans, and had a blast with my two younger cousins. I got to relax and do absolutely nothing. It was fantastic. Erica and Robbie even came down the next morning so that Mark and Robbie could golf and we could celebrate our birthdays together (hers was February 2nd). 

Grandma treated all of us to Poncho and Lefty's...complete with embarrassing serenade. We had such a great time and we can't wait to go back again. 

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  1. Yum! I loved 712. Also, jealous to the max of that beautiful computer!!!