Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Noah's First Birthday

I haven't done a "well-baby" update on Noah in a really long time! Oh and since my last blog post... he is doing great! The flagyl antibiotics made him good as new :)

At his 12 month appointment, here were his stats:

Weight: 21.34 lbs. (47th percentile)
Length: 31 inches (84th percentile)
Head Circumference: 18.5 (73rd percentile)

He had a Brown Bear birthday party on December 22nd (my mom's birthday) and it was fantastic. Thanks to my party-planner sis-in-law Fifi and my mom's checkbook, the party turned out so cute! I literally did ONE thing for it--the cupcakes. Everything else was totally taken care of. Noah had a blast and we had all of our close family and a few friends (who were in town...Christmas vacations left some out of the fun :) ) I originally wasn't going to throw him a party because the thought of it really stressed me out and it's right smack in the middle of the Holidays (sorry Noah!) but my mom and Fifi heard me say something about not doing a party and the thought just made them dizzy apparently. I said, "well, I'm not going to plan a party but if you really want to, have at it!" And, well, they did....

I even lucked out to have such a wonderful friend Corey OFFER to take pictures at the party. This was such a blessing! I wouldn't have these without her. Thanks Corey!

This is the only one of me with him...totally my fault. And we didn't get any of Mark with him either! Totally dropped the ball with that.

Party favors...Goldfish--Noah's favorite. It was so perfect.

The lady responsible for throwing the fiesta

Party favors for the bigger kids.


  1. SO CUTE!!!!! Our Noah had a similar face with the cake... what?!

  2. Ah! SOOOO darling, Ames! I've never seen a Brown Bear party. Everything looked perfect. Especially the cupcakes :)

    We need to catch up soon. Maybe I'll Facetime you later today?


  3. Everything was so awesome looking!! Those pictures of Noah with the cake & cupcake are cracking me up. He's just the cutest!

  4. that looks so fun! he's sooo cute.

  5. LOVE THIS, we are doing the Brown Bear theme for my son's 1st too. Where did you find your goldfish boxes? I have only been able to find the bags. Thanks!