Saturday, March 16, 2013

Noah's pigtails

We finally cut these babies off last week. Don't ask me why we waited so long. It got so bad that anytime we left the apartment I'd make sure he was always wearing his devil hat...

He did extremely well (we vacuumed all 25 of his baby hairs, don't worry!). No surprise considering the kid is in love with like 5 different shows...and they totally hold his attention the.whole.time. He gets this from his mama. 

Now I have TWO baldies living with me. Twinners! They're the cutest baldies I've ever seen! I just smooch these two all day long and it's the best.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Philly to NYC

Our flight to Philly was pretty much painless! We were able to get a whole row together, which seriously saved us. Noah is just a mover now and doesn't want to be sitting on any laps anymore! It was our first time going all together--I was so grateful to have Mark's help!

The first day there, we caught a train to get to NYC. My mom wanted me to make sure that I got a picture of Noah with his first train. 

Noah was Mr. McFussy but things are always more fun when Grandma is dancing in the aisle and singing "The Wheels on the Bus"...what a fun grandma!

The Urban Jungle

The Empire State Building

Walking to our hotel--Hotel Metro

Once we threw our stuff in the hotel room, we headed out to find the High Line that we'd been hearing so much about. It's a great project that the city has done--created a walkway on old train tracks. It was a great little walk with views of Manhattan and all sorts of interesting people watching. I learned on this walk that a) I have absolutely no style. I mean I know I don't really have a style, but after that excursion my confidence is absolutely shot! Models ev-er-y-where. b) I guess I don't really have a b. Maybe the b is that I would never want to have a place next to the high line. By "next to" I mean 2 feet-arm's reach-canseewhatbrandoftoothpastetheyhave- next to. We saw so many awesome buildings--anything from shiny and jagged modern structures to the older, exposed-brick look, but we could look right into some of these apartments! No gracias. 
We had a really great time haha! I know I sound so weird but I really could've people watched for another few hours!

Right after this picture was taken Noah had a pretty impressive face-plant. His lip was all bloody and puffy and AH I felt so awful because it was totally my fault! I think I was fixing his hat or something and he lost his balance and I wasn't there to catch him! Bad mom. His dad aka favorite parent had him laughing and back to normal in no time.
Notice my mother's socks on Noah's hands...and no, they weren't clean. 

We pretty much took taxis everywhere. The subway took a lot longer to figure out because a couple of the lines were still under construction/repair from Hurricane Sandy flooding! The 6 of us crammed in the taxis were always an adventure. Of course Noah loved the TVs in the back of the little addict.

That night we wanted to find a yummy restaurant. We needed a place that was walking distance, so we decided on the Mesa Grill, one of Bobby Flay's restaurants. I'd probably give it a 7/10. The service was great--it wasn't high high end, but definitely fancy and when you have a very mobile 14 month old it has the potential of being stressful. They had a high chair for him and didn't mind me chasing him around in the front waiting area. I met the manager and he was so kind about Noah. He said, "I have three kids... I get it! We have 5 high chairs and 4 boosters now that I'm manager. Chef Flay drew the line at having crayons at the table!" Cool guy. was good. 

The next day we didn't get outside until about 12 so that Noah could at least get one solid nap. I attempted to run...that was a joke! We got ready, packed our things, and headed out to the streets towards Rockefeller Center to pay tribute to one of our favorite shows 30 Rock. I'm pathetic, I know.

Action shot of the men.

It got pretty chilly! Snug as a little bug!

Can't you just hear the theme song when you see those flags and statues??! 

We couldn't ignore the fact that there was a huge LEGO store! Awesome! 

We seriously stressed about where to eat lunch because...AHH THERE'S SO MUCH PRESSURE TO EAT WELL WHEN YOU'RE IN THE FOOD MECCA OF THE WORLD. Does anyone else feel that way when they travel? Food is EVERYTHING to us Freeman's. Vacation automatically translates to "Food adventure" for us. With a fussy/restless toddler we settled for the basement part of RC. We didn't even know there was a whole retail section down there, so it turned out great. We got to explore and let Noah run around indoors, plus the food we got wasn't half bad. 

As soon as we left RC, we braved the subway to get to the Natural History Museum. The only reference I had to this museum was The Night at the Museum movie...and it was so much cooler than that.

That little guy down there is Noah bear. He just couldn't resist taking off anytime we set him down. He helps us get some calories burned that's for sure :) 

This museum had the coolest displays that I've ever seen..the animals looked so real it was unbelievable. Noah was IN HEAVEN. I would've liked to read more about everything that I was looking at but seriously it would take a few days. I'd love to get back there again!

anxious toddler just dying to run into the street.....

and climb all the stairs.

Grandpa had to buy him his first little Lego set. Here we are waiting for the train to head back to Philly. It was a wonderful 2 day getaway and we are so grateful to my parents for taking us! 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Valentine's Day

The day before Valentine's day, I was running around crazy getting ready for a combined Young Men/ Young Women activity that I was in charge of. We were also leaving for our 10 day trip the next day, and Noah was scheduled to get tubes just a few hours before our flight! Stressful, but still fun!

I'm such a sucker for getting this kid balloons anytime we go to the grocery/dollar store. He loves them. 

After about 45 minutes of shopping, this kid is just DONE. Luckily this trip to the Dollar store was mayyybe 10 minutes. But the Wal Mart spree beforehand was 30 minutes too long for him. He's his father's son when it comes to shopping. 

One of the "Minute to Win It" games I planned that night....creepy, no? We were all crying from laughing so hard at how dumb we all looked. We had to wear panty hose, put tennis balls in the feet, and then knock down a row of empty water bottles. I wish I had a picture of all of us together! I love my girls.

A favorite. 
That night, I couldn't wait any longer for Mark to open his Valentine's present, so we went ahead and opened it a little early.

Wii have been wanting new fun, family activities that we can do indoors, and after debating for awhile (I'm super anti-video games over here) I gave in. I justify this purchase because it's more active than sitting and playing video games. Plus, for a YW activity we did "Just Dance" and it was love-at-first-dance. I need to buy that game soon!

The next day was crazy. We had to be at the outpatient surgical center at 6:30 am. Luckily with tubes, it's like a 2 hour ordeal altogether (prep, surgery, recovery) so we were out of there by about 9. The doctor encouraged us to get the tubes before our trip and promised he'd be fine for the flight. It was tough but I trusted him! Luckily everything went relatively smooth.

Waiting to be taken back
...I don't know about you...

Right when he got out of the recovery room. He was a bit sad, but after his "baba" he was content.

Don't you love how the curtains, duvet, and sheets all match? (We're working on it)
Within just a couple of hours, Noah was laughing and running around again. Phew! Although, he did have quite a bit of blood coming out the rest of the day and a little the day after. I worried and worried! It's something that I've gotten really good at. Luckily Mark is such a calm person!

We were able to relax, nap, and finish up packing before we left for our flight at 5 p.m. Philly here we come!