Friday, April 12, 2013

Noah's tricks: 15 months, 3 weeks old

I write all of Noah's new "tricks" down in his journal, but it'd be fun to have some recorded here too!

-dis (this)
-peace (please)
-na-na (banana)<< theeee cutest thing i've ever heard. I know you care. ha!
-nu-nu (noodle)
-amooo (cow)
-mmm-mmm (yummy, tastes good, something to that extent, all while rubbing his belly!)
-nigh-nigh (night night, go to bed)
-hah! (like a gasp, only when he's really excited, and he'll put his hands on his face)
-ah-dah (all done, after he eats)

He's still showing us his ears, belly, head, mouth, tongue, nose, toes, and feet. I'm working on his hands, fingers, knees, and shoulders. He loves when we sing and do the motions for "head, shoulders, knees and toes." He also loves the Primary song that starts "Whenever I hear the song of a bird..." because we do actions for it and it talks about all the senses. "I am a Child of God" calms him down faster than any hug or kiss for him. I love singing to him. Anytime a song ends, he claps! I love it.

The kid has taken over my iPad. We've gotten to the point where we have to hide it every day and only use it as a last resort if I need to get dinner in the oven or :) He'll navigate through all his different apps and go back and forth between those and his shows on Netflix. He'll watch 10 minutes of Barney here, go play with an app, then watch 10 minutes of Backyardigans, etc. What the heck?!

He loves getting chased. We've got him in this terrible habit of running away from us when we count to five...what were we thinking? During the winter we'd just chase him back and forth in our apartment and play hide and seek by counting. Now when he runs towards the street (every day...) and we start running after him he goes faster... we'll need to figure this one out. Total "rookie parent" mistake.

He just now started fake laughing. Whenever there's a group of adults talking and laughing, he'll watch us all laugh and just scrunch his nose and say "ha-ha-ha!" Total goof ball. He just wants to be big and part of the conversation.

He's now picking up speed when he is walking--just about a run, I'd say. When he gets excited, he'll put his dead down, bend over, put his arms parallel to his body and take off in the funniest little run I've ever seen. He loves running up and down little hills, wherever we find them.

This kid has so much attitude. He wants pure independence so badly. I feel like he's an older kid stuck in a toddler's body sometimes. I can't talk to him like a baby anymore or he'll just stare at me with this look like, "seriously? why are you talking to me like that..." It's a little bit sad for me! He's starting to throw tantrums and that's not fun!

Dad is still his favorite. I'm hoping that stage subsides while Mark is gone and he's stuck with me 24/7!

He is extremely determined. When he sees something that interests him, he will stare and pick and prod at whatever it is for minutes on end. He's very focused on details...for example, he was in the bathtub the other day and I had a healthy amount of toys in there for him to play with. Instead of playing with the toys, he kept focusing in on a piece of felt the size of a grain of rice that was floating in the water. He kept trying to grab it and kept at it for a couple of minutes. All the time he does weird things like that and I'm like, "go play like a normal kid!" haha, but what is "normal"? These pictures, for example...we were at a play ground and after a few minutes of walking around it, he decided to play with my cup instead. He would put the lid on and take it off over and over again. Drop ice inside and take it out over and over. I can just watch him all day long! Oh wait, I do!

 He gets really restless if we don't leave the house at least once a day. He turns into a crazy person in fact, so I try to get him fed and ready for the day soon after he wakes up from his morning nap so that we can just get in the car and go...usually to the park, the Tree house at the mall, Costco, or...yeah, that's pretty much it! I LOVE it though. I love his energy and spunk. I can always tell when he's not feeling well because he'll just want to sit and watch shows. He's also really grumpy and unappeasable when he's not feeling well. I wish he could talk and tell me though! Lately he's been really healthy and we have seriously been thanking the Heavens for these wonderful days of health because it is a NIGHT AND DAY difference.

He's been so healthy but yesterday he started getting an infection again. He went through 12 poopy diapers in one day, which left him with a raw bum. It's really painful for him and I'm sure his stomach doesn't feel too nice either with all that poo coming constantly. It's better than being constipated though!! Hopefully we can get him through it with just doing enemas and not antibiotics. We are smarter than the doctors when it comes to his health at this point, honestly! I'm so grateful for Noah and that he's with us. He's my little buddy and I literally can't even imagine having another one! One day maybe!

The best day of Noah's life, no doubt

My wonderful in-laws had a fun Easter party at their place in Alpine. It started off with a visit from the Easter Bunny (Bugsy) who Mark captured to show all our nieces. It was too funny. Mark actually got lectured by Violet, our 3 year old niece, that capturing the Easter bunny was really mean. 

Noah had his first chocolate egg.

 I think he liked it...he's his mother's son for sure. I really need to start taking pictures with a real camera...

Noah hunted for eggs like a professional. He caught on really quickly and I'm pretty sure all my in-laws were wanting to shoot me by the end because of how psyched I was watching him. I'm totally that annoying mom--"oh my gosh did you see that?! look he's sooo cute! I'm dying!..etc. etc." I can't help it!

 Can't you just feel the excitement in this picture?!

aaannd crash.

Easter morning I put out his basket of Target $1 specials. His favorite treat?

The stickers. It's been a week now and he's still obsessing over them. We ask him, "which sticker do you want?" and he responds, "Ummm...DIS (this)!" and points. Or if it's a dog sticker he'll say, "Dog!" and squeal. Too funny. One thing is for sure: Easter is so much more fun when you have a kid! 

The Easter Bunny

(I'm glad I took pictures of Noah at Target since I'm banned from going there for the rest of my life! Not really, but it's a spending trap and I just have to avoid it at all costs. *tear*)

Our good friends Chelsie and Jordan Troxel have a bunny that they needed us to "bunnysit" for them while they went somewhere lame like Mexico or something...(jealous!)

It wasn't until just a week before that when I realized that we'd be bunnysitting over Easter weekend! Awesome! haha

Someone loved having "Bugsy" around. In fact, I can think of TWO people who loved having Bugsy around, and that doesn't include me! I say that more to emphasize how much Mark and Noah LOVED the thing. I liked him-her okay (they don't know what it is still) but he-she started stinking up Noah's little playroom pretty nicely. 

Noah kept wanting to give her this stuffed monkey. So cute!

Mason Jennings

Ever since I met Mark, he's been trying to convert me to his love of island/reggae(?) music. Mason Jennings has always been a favorite of his since he was a teenager and "before it was cool and hipster to like him". Okay honey, I believe you. haha. He wanted Noah to be Mason Jennings Freeman, in fact, or at least "Mason Freeman" after this man. So when I saw on my Facebook feed that Mason Jennings was coming to BYU for $6 I thought I should jump on that and surprise know, earn some "cool wife" points. I need those lately!

So I did. We went. It was fab.

Crappy iPhone pictures...

BYU has changed so much even since I was there. Beautiful girls everywhere with tip top style and enough to make me feel homeless. I guess my judgement of this isn't very accurate since we were there for a "trendy" concert. Luckily I fooled a guy into thinking I was hot property when we were there 4 years ago or else I wouldn't have stood a chance.

Running update

Before I go on about marathon training, I want all of you to understand that I couldn't do it without a running partner. I am held accountable each day for my runs, and she is die-hard, which motivates me to get my miles in. 

With that said, you guys....I've been doing better than I thought I would and I am so happy about it. In the training schedule that we are on, "The Non-Runner's Guide to Running a Marathon", it has us running four times a week. When I saw that, I knew there was no way I'd be able to do that every week when a)- I don't own a treadmill, b)- my gym membership expired and the most important reason c)- I have a kid who hates the running stroller (or any stroller) for more than 40 minutes. I have tested him and each time, sure enough, exactly at the 40th minute he goes all CRAZY on me and just screeeeaaamssss. Sometimes this happens earlier. The one time that I got a 4.5 mile run in was during his nap time so he slept in the stroller most the time.  So most weeks I get two weekly runs in the evening, and then the long run on Saturday morning, sometimes Friday night. I'm okay with that.

This past week has been pretty bad though due to getting the worst stomach flu of my life over the weekend and then having a visit from Aunt Flo. I attempted an 8 miler on Tuesday but after several close alarms of excreting bodily waste I called it quits at 2.5 miles. And you know what? Sometimes that happens and you just have to look ahead and try again. I'm scheduled for 16 miles today and my partner is gone! My plan (approved by Mark, aka The Bank): buy Justin T's new album on iTunes :) I'll gladly run that far if I can listen to J.T. the whole way.

March and April have pretty bi-polar weather in Utah as you all know, so we have had some interesting runs this month! Many of them have been in the freezing cold, one of which included rain for 8 miles last week. We were drenched and freezing in our tank tops! I don't know how people train well for marathons in the spring! That's training in the snow for 4+ months. Even our June 8th marathon is cutting it close for me! I've only done the St. George marathon and that's in October so I've never had to train in the cold before. It's not too terrible but it does hurt your mind power in my opinion! 

I am just excited for race day and wish it was a month away and not two, but that means I only have 8 more "long runs" to go! We start tapering our miles May 4th so we are almost there.
Not me, but I love my black Zella running capris and Saucony shoes.

The big move (up the street)

Moving was a really long process this time around because we had like two weeks to do it. Plus we were moving approximately 3 miles away to my parents' empty home. I don't recommend doing the long and slow draggged and draaaaaaaaagged on. 

We weren't sure what our plans would be this summer. Mark applied for that computer program out in Chicago and got in to start in January--obviously that didn't work out... then we thought he would just start looking for a new job (with benefits), but that didn't seem right either. Well, then the Church negotiated with Glenwood Intermountain Properties to lease all of Raintree to use as an addition to the Provo MTC and Mark thought this would work out perfectly to transition out of being Raintree's property manager. I think it's been a cool experience for Mark to meet with a bunch of church officials the last several months. We had to be hush hush about it until the church made it official a couple weeks ago here. 

Mark really wanted to do the program in Chicago but the timing and location just didn't settle well with either of us. Because this desire to continue his skills in computer programming was still there,  he started applying to other similar programs in the Bay Area for the summer--(reasons: closer to Utah, his grandmother lives in Davis, I have family in Redding and Elk Grove, Noah is much healthier, a quick plane ride away, etc.). He got in to one that is based in Mountain View, about 20 minutes away from Oakland. He starts May 20 and ends July 19th. Noah and I will be at my parents' house and are flying out to visit twice. We will be so sad to say bye to him! I'm dreading it, truly. 

When we fly out for the second visit, we'll stay until he finishes the program and then we are all going to drive to his family's annual summer vacation spot in Island Park, Idaho until July 27th. Hopefully when we get back he will have job interviews in place. 

Of course everything broke or got ruined the week that we were moving...starting with the oven.
Good thing I have a handy man for a husband! 

I acted like a 3 year old and spilled my hot pink nail polish all over the carpet--how did I manage to make that kind of a slash-mark on the floor by just picking up the polish with the half-way screwed lid? I'm still figuring that one out. By the way--I did end up cutting it all out! It worked much better than the other methods I tried. Thank you Paige for the idea via Instagram!

 Noah wanted to help pack too.

Can't forget your toothbrush mom!

We have sooo many memories in this apartment. It really was sad to say goodbye! This is where we brought our baby home, where we made all our mistakes as new parents, where we had sleepless night  after sleepless night, where we changed colostomy bags and nursed, where Noah sat up, then crawled, then walked for the first time....*sigh*  I think it will always evoke pretty strong emotions when we see old pictures or drive by. 

Now on to a new chapter of more uncertainty, mistakes, learning, and growing! We really are excited to be at my childhood home for the next few months. It's been wonderful so far.