Thursday, April 4, 2013

Phi-la-del-phi-a part 2

(February 20th-22nd)

Okay, Provo/Orem needs to step up their game. Philadelphia has an array of children's museums for all of us stay-at-home-mamas who literally go cray cray being indoors all winter long. We found this fun place..forgot the name darnit..and Noah had a blast. I did too! Holy cow, the people there are over the top nice. It blows my mind how uptight and judgmental I find myself when I go somewhere else. Luckily I snap out of it quickly and am so so happy to talk and meet new people, but is that uptightness the culture of Utah Valley that all the critics talk about? It's as if we are all so consumed with how we, ourselves, are progressing and so we just keep to ourselves all the time..? Still trying to figure that one out. ANYWAY....

They had a room on the main floor of just a bunch of toys and wooden structures to climb onto/play make believe games on. He mostly enjoyed watching all the other kids and arranging the wooden blocks.

The room in the basement was just a big tumbling area with all sorts of fun things to play on. 
 I had to get a picture of the kid with the pirate costume on. Noah couldn't stop obsessing over him. He followed him everywhere. It was too cute. This could possibly be because of his love for Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney Junior... another show reference, I know.

 While in PHL Noah improved his stair climbing skills. He was in Heaven. He learned how to go down them on his own and was pretty pumped about it. 

Ahhhh....Anthropologie. How I love you. It's quite possibly one of the worst places you could ever bring a curious toddler. Luckily this fountain kept him distracted from all the gorge vases, candles, glasses, jewelry, coasters, etc. etc. etc.......

The next day was spent just hanging out at the house. It was rainy and we wanted a  day at home. We tried out a lunch place and that night we went to a ward Relief Society activity. Noah enjoyed running around the gym and all the attention.

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  1. You know, I haven't noticed the uptightness that much, but my Mom mentioned it several times when she was out for Capri's birth. She said people just weren't friendly...haha...especially when she was out grocery shopping or in a store. She just thought since most people are members they would be friendlier and more warm. Maybe there is truth to those critics?? Love all the pics of Noah!!! Especially the one of him crying on FaceTime...bless his little heart!