Thursday, April 4, 2013

Phi-la-del-phi-a part 3

 On the last 2 days that we were there, we could tell that Noah was starting to come down with something, although there isn't any evidence with this silly moment I caught of him and Grandma! 

Grandma was the best and drove all around the area to find a medical supply company so that we could help Noah and give him enemas:

Just lovely!

We spent Saturday at Nordstrom Rack and then at a local farmers' market. Noah made himself extremely useful :)

Sunday morning was our flight home. Noah was still having issues and had a fever-- I was horrified to fly home by myself. The stars aligned and it turned out that my mom was desperately needed out in Provo to help with my nephews, so she bought a ticket sitting next to me. I was beyond ecstatic.

When I got up at 4 am, I panicked. Where was Noah? The night was so terrible and sleepless that I didn't remember putting him in bed with me. I looked down and he was almost off the bed right at my feet! aahh! 

The yellow glasses were a hit. He was pretty restless the whole flight. He slept only about 45 minutes during the 4 hour flight. Let's just say there is no way that I could've done it on my own without some kind of break down! The other passengers were overly kind to us and that made a huge difference. We were even able to have all 3 seats in a row due to the kindness of one gentleman. We were blessed!

The bag full of surprises--a MUST when flying with a toddler!

Later that afternoon Mark and I took him in to get his ears checked out. I don't remember what it was this time, but he was fine after a day or two. At least he got to see Mickey and "She-She's"

 We had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa Clark! They made sure we had a great time and spoiled Noah rotten! Thank you for the awesome trip!!

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