Thursday, April 4, 2013

Phil-a-del-phi-a part 1

(February 16th-19th)
One of Noah's favorite things to do is take people's glasses and put them on. Grandma's cool purple glasses were a hit at church. 


This is one of my favorite Noah faces. He's a total ham.

Grandma thinks it's funny to dress him up in girl clothes...He wasn't all that fond.

Running so fast! At least this is a cave man outfit.

The kid amazes me. He knows how to open any Apple product, scroll through, find his apps, and play them. He also knows how to find all his favorite shows on my Netflix app. It's starting to get tricky when I want him to watch the more educational Elmo and he changes it to Sponge Bob....(nightmare!)

After 5 days we had to say goodbye to daddy. He had to get back to work. 
We always find time for some shopping at the mall with grandma. This car stroller was a hit.

We had to Instagram Noah's sweet moves for Daddy. 

Noah went through this's not one that I was overly fond of...but he ONLY wanted his dad. When he was sad, he'd cry for "dada." When he was happy, he'd run to his dad. It was slightly heart breaking for me. Anyway, with that background, you can see why this was his upset face when his dad wasn't physically there with us...kind of adorable.

I had to get a picture of this face. Cruel, cruel mother I am!

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