Friday, April 12, 2013

Running update

Before I go on about marathon training, I want all of you to understand that I couldn't do it without a running partner. I am held accountable each day for my runs, and she is die-hard, which motivates me to get my miles in. 

With that said, you guys....I've been doing better than I thought I would and I am so happy about it. In the training schedule that we are on, "The Non-Runner's Guide to Running a Marathon", it has us running four times a week. When I saw that, I knew there was no way I'd be able to do that every week when a)- I don't own a treadmill, b)- my gym membership expired and the most important reason c)- I have a kid who hates the running stroller (or any stroller) for more than 40 minutes. I have tested him and each time, sure enough, exactly at the 40th minute he goes all CRAZY on me and just screeeeaaamssss. Sometimes this happens earlier. The one time that I got a 4.5 mile run in was during his nap time so he slept in the stroller most the time.  So most weeks I get two weekly runs in the evening, and then the long run on Saturday morning, sometimes Friday night. I'm okay with that.

This past week has been pretty bad though due to getting the worst stomach flu of my life over the weekend and then having a visit from Aunt Flo. I attempted an 8 miler on Tuesday but after several close alarms of excreting bodily waste I called it quits at 2.5 miles. And you know what? Sometimes that happens and you just have to look ahead and try again. I'm scheduled for 16 miles today and my partner is gone! My plan (approved by Mark, aka The Bank): buy Justin T's new album on iTunes :) I'll gladly run that far if I can listen to J.T. the whole way.

March and April have pretty bi-polar weather in Utah as you all know, so we have had some interesting runs this month! Many of them have been in the freezing cold, one of which included rain for 8 miles last week. We were drenched and freezing in our tank tops! I don't know how people train well for marathons in the spring! That's training in the snow for 4+ months. Even our June 8th marathon is cutting it close for me! I've only done the St. George marathon and that's in October so I've never had to train in the cold before. It's not too terrible but it does hurt your mind power in my opinion! 

I am just excited for race day and wish it was a month away and not two, but that means I only have 8 more "long runs" to go! We start tapering our miles May 4th so we are almost there.
Not me, but I love my black Zella running capris and Saucony shoes.

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