Friday, April 12, 2013

The big move (up the street)

Moving was a really long process this time around because we had like two weeks to do it. Plus we were moving approximately 3 miles away to my parents' empty home. I don't recommend doing the long and slow draggged and draaaaaaaaagged on. 

We weren't sure what our plans would be this summer. Mark applied for that computer program out in Chicago and got in to start in January--obviously that didn't work out... then we thought he would just start looking for a new job (with benefits), but that didn't seem right either. Well, then the Church negotiated with Glenwood Intermountain Properties to lease all of Raintree to use as an addition to the Provo MTC and Mark thought this would work out perfectly to transition out of being Raintree's property manager. I think it's been a cool experience for Mark to meet with a bunch of church officials the last several months. We had to be hush hush about it until the church made it official a couple weeks ago here. 

Mark really wanted to do the program in Chicago but the timing and location just didn't settle well with either of us. Because this desire to continue his skills in computer programming was still there,  he started applying to other similar programs in the Bay Area for the summer--(reasons: closer to Utah, his grandmother lives in Davis, I have family in Redding and Elk Grove, Noah is much healthier, a quick plane ride away, etc.). He got in to one that is based in Mountain View, about 20 minutes away from Oakland. He starts May 20 and ends July 19th. Noah and I will be at my parents' house and are flying out to visit twice. We will be so sad to say bye to him! I'm dreading it, truly. 

When we fly out for the second visit, we'll stay until he finishes the program and then we are all going to drive to his family's annual summer vacation spot in Island Park, Idaho until July 27th. Hopefully when we get back he will have job interviews in place. 

Of course everything broke or got ruined the week that we were moving...starting with the oven.
Good thing I have a handy man for a husband! 

I acted like a 3 year old and spilled my hot pink nail polish all over the carpet--how did I manage to make that kind of a slash-mark on the floor by just picking up the polish with the half-way screwed lid? I'm still figuring that one out. By the way--I did end up cutting it all out! It worked much better than the other methods I tried. Thank you Paige for the idea via Instagram!

 Noah wanted to help pack too.

Can't forget your toothbrush mom!

We have sooo many memories in this apartment. It really was sad to say goodbye! This is where we brought our baby home, where we made all our mistakes as new parents, where we had sleepless night  after sleepless night, where we changed colostomy bags and nursed, where Noah sat up, then crawled, then walked for the first time....*sigh*  I think it will always evoke pretty strong emotions when we see old pictures or drive by. 

Now on to a new chapter of more uncertainty, mistakes, learning, and growing! We really are excited to be at my childhood home for the next few months. It's been wonderful so far.

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