Friday, April 12, 2013

The Easter Bunny

(I'm glad I took pictures of Noah at Target since I'm banned from going there for the rest of my life! Not really, but it's a spending trap and I just have to avoid it at all costs. *tear*)

Our good friends Chelsie and Jordan Troxel have a bunny that they needed us to "bunnysit" for them while they went somewhere lame like Mexico or something...(jealous!)

It wasn't until just a week before that when I realized that we'd be bunnysitting over Easter weekend! Awesome! haha

Someone loved having "Bugsy" around. In fact, I can think of TWO people who loved having Bugsy around, and that doesn't include me! I say that more to emphasize how much Mark and Noah LOVED the thing. I liked him-her okay (they don't know what it is still) but he-she started stinking up Noah's little playroom pretty nicely. 

Noah kept wanting to give her this stuffed monkey. So cute!

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