Thursday, June 13, 2013


Yay! I'm alive! 

This is what 3 a.m. looks like.
I only got like 4 hours of sleep. I'm terrrrible with alarms (since I haven't used one since the babe was born...) and wake up every hour justtobesure I don't sleep through. 
Not to mention I was nervous as all heckkk.

Corey and her husband came to get me at 3:45 a.m. to head down to south Provo at the bus loading area. 
We had a haunted bus. Or at least we thought so. 
I happened to be that the man driving was probably 95. We rode on the wrong side of the road a few times. It was eventful!

Here we are after using the "facilities." Corey accidentally brought her phone, but I'm glad since we got a couple of pictures pre-race.

We were right in front of the 4:25 pacer but stayed with the 4:15 pacer guy most of the way. His name is Adrian and he was a lifesaver! He knew the course and would give us encouraging tips along the way. He really helped keep us motivated and stay at a challenging, yet doable pace. We owe it to him! 

So you hear runners use the term "hit the wall"--well, in the other two marathons in St. George that I had done (2006 & 2008 when I was much skinnier), I couldn't remember feeling that terrible. I mean, a marathon is long and it's challenging, but I always finished feeling pretty good (maybe my memory has gotten a little hazy??). 

Anyway, this marathon was a different story! I felt great...UNTIL...mile 23. Those last 3-4 miles were killer! Sheesh! I couldn't drink any more Powerade for fear of vomiting and I had already peed my pants 10 miles earlier (thank you, 9.5 pound Noah coming out of my vajayjay). The fact that there were NO porta potties along the way didn't matter (quite the controversy). I didn't need another bodily fluid on my person. But when I got that [huge] medal around my neck, I was just happy! 

Here we are just after the finish (shadowy picture by Mark, thank you dear). My face was on fire (it was hot). We were both really feelin' body was just spent but I was jittery after having two caffeinated gels. Corey had some crazy leg pain going on. I was just pumped to be done and to have finished a full 15-20 minutes faster than I had predicted! My time was 4:16:22, Corey 4:16:18. Corey zoomed ahead of me at the end and I was seriously impressed. She was dying to be done too! And I just read that I got 25th place in my age group (19-24). I'm pretty much professional.
But I'm pumped that I was 25th because that's my lucky number. Really, it is. Birthday 01-25-89, my mom was 25 when she had me, our anniversary is 08-25-09...It's lucky, people. 

A sweaty mom. He didn't recognize me when he first saw me!

And here's the guy who seriously made this marathon possible for me. Training for this thing meant more to me than most people realize. After a really hard year of battling depression and nursing a sick baby all the time, I really needed to accomplish something for myself. Mark was behind me 110%. He never made me feel guilty or selfish for leaving him all the time at night to watch Noah so that I could get my runs in. He was my rock and I truly couldn't have done it without him! 

Mark's grandpa Huber brought me a Jamba Juice at the end of the race. He's the sweetest. Noah wanted it more than I did--my tummy was a bit queasy!

That's Grandpa Huber on the left, mother-in-law Kerri and bro-in-law Ryan on my right. Kerri and Ryan played a small but significant part in my training as well! They would come over early on Saturday mornings or sometimes in the middle of the day so that I could get a run in here or there. It meant a lot to me that they were there to celebrate with me!

My brother and his wife and their two (almost three) kids were there to greet me too. 
Estefi made this awesome sign for me and created an appropriate hash tag just for me: #bouncedatbooty. 
Indeed, this booty bounced for 26.2 miles,
and I was ready for a movie and a massage.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Mother's Day

Mark made Mother's Day my favorite holiday!!! Yes, that's how selfish I am. But I love that Noah is older now and can do paint beautiful cards for all the mothers in his life! 

I know I'm his mother and I am biased, but I think they look awesome and he did a great job! He really got into it!

Mark wrote two of the sweetest notes that I'd ever gotten. We pick out funny cards for each other and the two that he got were seriously impressive! I wish I could post them but the ooey gooey mushy stuff inside of them would make anyone (other than myself) throw up :)

Chocolate dipped strawberries from Costco...yummm

 Let's see if I can get the name of these right. Banana almond cream cheese stuffed Frosted Flake-crusted French toast with more bananas, whipped cream, and cinnamon drizzle on top covered with Coconut syrup from Hawaii. Heaven en mi boca!!! Mark assured me it's fat free.

Mark was pooped after making that breakfast! I love being married to a guy who cooks better (and more...) than I do! 

I feel so blessed to be a mama! Noah is our world and I can't wait to spoil Mark on Father's Day, although he made it reallyyyy hard to beat!

Clark-Freeman Disney Vacation

My parents planned an awesome trip to Disneyland the end of April, beginning of May. Delta had really inexpensive tickets to get out there, which was a life saver! I'd fly any day over driving with Noah! We had 5 whole days of California Adventure and Disneyland. This was Noah's first time and I wasn't sure if he'd really love it or not. It turns out that he L-O-V-E-D it. 

We stayed at the Candy Cane Inn...adorable! I stayed there in high school for cheer competitions. It's just a half mile walk to the parks and worked out perfectly for nap times. Noah especially loved all the flowers and the hotel gift shop. Every morning he would go eat breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa (Grandma would feed him Fruit Loops every morning....naughty grandma! gaaagggg), then Grandpa would take him on a "nature walk" to smell the flowers. He'd usually come back to the room with all different kinds of flowers that he'd insist on me smelling. We REALLY missed "Da-da" while we were there. That would have made the trip perfect, but of course he had to work!
Noah was sick the first couple of days that we were there, but we just made sure we gave him two enemas a day and his antibiotics. By the third day he was doing great.

Noah's favorite rides were Ariel's Undersea Adventure and It's a Small World. We went on Ariel's ride probably 10 times. He's been really into fish ("ish") and stars lately...and there are lots of dancing starfish and fish on that ride for him to squeal at. Life is so much better with a fun and crazy toddler! It's a Small World brought the best reactions out of him! I was crying from laughing so hard. He'd just cover his mouth with both hands and squeal at everything. 

He was especially happy to show off his muscles.

There's naughty grandma again teaching him how to shoot guns at people. OH boy!

Noah didn't really like the water on this trip. I was so bummed! But the next week we swam at his other grandma's house and he loved the 85 degree pool water. I think the hotel pool was too cold for him. He's just like me!
All of my siblings were there, which was a blast of course! My aunt Cindy and her three kids came too. It was nice to have so many adults there to watch the babies so that we could go on rides too! My favorites were Screamin' California, Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain, Cars, and Peter Pan.

One of the nights we ate at the Rainforest Cafe. They had these huge fish tanks around the restaurant and Noah couldn't get enough of the "ISH! ISH!"

Just chillin' in It's a Small World on the last day we were there. By this point he was pretty tuckered out.

Grandma had to spoil him with a Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich. Lucky boy!

My very own Fabio

The resemblance is uncanny.