Friday, June 7, 2013

Clark-Freeman Disney Vacation

My parents planned an awesome trip to Disneyland the end of April, beginning of May. Delta had really inexpensive tickets to get out there, which was a life saver! I'd fly any day over driving with Noah! We had 5 whole days of California Adventure and Disneyland. This was Noah's first time and I wasn't sure if he'd really love it or not. It turns out that he L-O-V-E-D it. 

We stayed at the Candy Cane Inn...adorable! I stayed there in high school for cheer competitions. It's just a half mile walk to the parks and worked out perfectly for nap times. Noah especially loved all the flowers and the hotel gift shop. Every morning he would go eat breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa (Grandma would feed him Fruit Loops every morning....naughty grandma! gaaagggg), then Grandpa would take him on a "nature walk" to smell the flowers. He'd usually come back to the room with all different kinds of flowers that he'd insist on me smelling. We REALLY missed "Da-da" while we were there. That would have made the trip perfect, but of course he had to work!
Noah was sick the first couple of days that we were there, but we just made sure we gave him two enemas a day and his antibiotics. By the third day he was doing great.

Noah's favorite rides were Ariel's Undersea Adventure and It's a Small World. We went on Ariel's ride probably 10 times. He's been really into fish ("ish") and stars lately...and there are lots of dancing starfish and fish on that ride for him to squeal at. Life is so much better with a fun and crazy toddler! It's a Small World brought the best reactions out of him! I was crying from laughing so hard. He'd just cover his mouth with both hands and squeal at everything. 

He was especially happy to show off his muscles.

There's naughty grandma again teaching him how to shoot guns at people. OH boy!

Noah didn't really like the water on this trip. I was so bummed! But the next week we swam at his other grandma's house and he loved the 85 degree pool water. I think the hotel pool was too cold for him. He's just like me!
All of my siblings were there, which was a blast of course! My aunt Cindy and her three kids came too. It was nice to have so many adults there to watch the babies so that we could go on rides too! My favorites were Screamin' California, Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain, Cars, and Peter Pan.

One of the nights we ate at the Rainforest Cafe. They had these huge fish tanks around the restaurant and Noah couldn't get enough of the "ISH! ISH!"

Just chillin' in It's a Small World on the last day we were there. By this point he was pretty tuckered out.

Grandma had to spoil him with a Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich. Lucky boy!

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  1. So fun!! I love all these posts. Since I'm too lazy to comment individually....GOOD LUCK with your marathon! You will do great!! Noah is so cute.