Friday, June 7, 2013

Mother's Day

Mark made Mother's Day my favorite holiday!!! Yes, that's how selfish I am. But I love that Noah is older now and can do paint beautiful cards for all the mothers in his life! 

I know I'm his mother and I am biased, but I think they look awesome and he did a great job! He really got into it!

Mark wrote two of the sweetest notes that I'd ever gotten. We pick out funny cards for each other and the two that he got were seriously impressive! I wish I could post them but the ooey gooey mushy stuff inside of them would make anyone (other than myself) throw up :)

Chocolate dipped strawberries from Costco...yummm

 Let's see if I can get the name of these right. Banana almond cream cheese stuffed Frosted Flake-crusted French toast with more bananas, whipped cream, and cinnamon drizzle on top covered with Coconut syrup from Hawaii. Heaven en mi boca!!! Mark assured me it's fat free.

Mark was pooped after making that breakfast! I love being married to a guy who cooks better (and more...) than I do! 

I feel so blessed to be a mama! Noah is our world and I can't wait to spoil Mark on Father's Day, although he made it reallyyyy hard to beat!

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