Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The question of TV

Luckily this kid likes to read books as much as he loves to watch his shows, or else we'd be in trouble! He concentrates really hard on them, and recently he started responding to shows like Dora where the characters ask the audience questions...(I'm really good at justifying this frowned-upon behavior if you can't tell!)

As long as we are spending more time playing in and outside, I'm fine with an hour or mayyybe two of TV a day. I've talked about this a few times before on this blog, and now that the weather is nice and Noah feels well most of the time, we have found a more healthy balance. I do what I can to watch with him and laugh with him so that the TV doesn't function as a babysitter. Mark does an even better job than I do in this matter. He is more likely to turn on a show, but he is also more likely to sit with Noah and sing along with him. Mark has every theme song and episode song memorized. Okay, probably an exaggeration, but he gets just as excited about certain episodes as Noah does. 

Noah would much rather be out and about rather than in front of the TV anyway unless he doesn't feel well. That's one of the first signs that I know he's not feeling the best--he whines and whines and whines until I turn on something. This past winter was the WORST when he just felt like crap all the time and TV was a major source of comfort and distraction for him. 

I purposefully don't have Netflix or YouTube on my phone apps so that he'll play with his education apps, which he loves! He's our little techie. Mark's phone has all the good stuff on it, yet another reason he's the favorite parent! Can you tell I have always felt uneasy about him watching so much TV? haha!... a whole blog post about this...
I know it's not recommended before the age of 2 by the AAP. What do you guys think? Is TV okay? Under what conditions? 

18 months old update

Noah! You turned 18 months old a month ago! I'm late posting always.

On the actual day, you and I had a little date where we played on the playground and then got a treat to share at Cupcake Chic. I want to always celebrate your half birthday, especially since your real birthday is just 5 days before Christmas (sorry about that...)!

We went to your well baby check up today.
You are 34 inches long- 84th percentile
Your head is 19.5 inches- 92nd percentile (record for you)
You weigh 25.57 lbs- 62nd percentile

You have taken off developmentally these past few weeks. You talk more and more every day and we love it.

You have only had ONE colon infection since May. We are eternally grateful. You've been healthy, which means you've been happy, which means your dad and I have been OVER THE MOON! We are only as happy as you are bud. That's how parents are. We love you so much.

Recent words:
Bug, puh-kin (pumpkin), itza (pizza), tree, pig, onk (oink), paw-co (popcorn), tuh-tow (turtle), kick, pool, up, choo-choo (train), burr (bird), turk (truck), me (pointing to himself), bidge (bridge), cookie, book, huck (hug), hi, bye, tick-oh (tickle), etc.

Funny things you do:

  • Anytime we are outside exploring, you put your hand up to your ear when we hear a noise. It's the cutest.
  • You can sign the whole "Popcorn Popping" primary song with me. 
  • You throw pretty impressive temper tantrums. You pretend to fall flat on your belly and face and then fake cry. It's almost convincing. We have to try really hard not to laugh every time you do it.
  • Your favorite activities are still "bird hunting", throwing rocks into the river, going down the slide, dunking the basketball with dad, flower smelling/picking, watching Olivia the pig, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (you're getting tired of Backyardigans), and Dora the Explorer, and Special Agent Oso.
  • You could eat tomatoes and raisins every meal.
  • You don't use the bottle anymore, and since then you haven't wanted milk.
  • You can't eat wheat bread because it makes your poo terribly sandy-like
  • You still like to show us all your body parts when we ask you to.
  • You think it's funny when you feed me and dad.
  • When you want something, we can pretty much understand what it is that you want now. It's so nice!
  • You still love to do puzzles on my phone and real puzzles at home too. 
  • You can get into Netflix, YouTube, and all your more educational apps on either of our phones without any help! Crazy dude!
  • You now fold your arms and say "Amen" with us at the end of prayers. You don't keep your arms folded the whole prayer yet, but you're doing great.
  • You're not very big into giving kisses, but when you do, it's so fun. You are big into giving "hucks" though and you wrap your arms really tight around us. We love it.
  • You are used to us tickling you all the time, and now you do it right back to us! You walk up and say, "tick-oh, tick-oh, tick-oh" while putting your fingers on us. We all have a good time.
  • You love going to the library and picking out five or six books each time. You're really into pigs, roosters, and fish right now. Every day you insist that I read at least 10 or 15 books to you! You just keep bringing them over to me and plop yourself down on my lap. I love it. Your favorite books are, "A Mother for Choco", "The Story of Farts", "I Was So Mad", "Pout Pout Fish", "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish", and any of our Baby Animal books series.
We Love you Noah! You're TWO in LESS THAN 5 MONTHS! 


I walked into the kitchen area and saw Noah working on this. I'm so glad I was able to snatch my phone in time for these. I was pretty impressed, probably because I'm his mom and I think most things he does is kinda neat. He was pretty proud of himself too. 

I think the pictures are pretty self-explanatory. This was Noah's first trip on the boat this summer. He wasn't a happy guy for about 10 minutes, until he wore himself out enough to totally zonk out.

Love this kid!


I feel like every little boy goes through a rock stage. "Rock" is one of the first words that Noah said and that trend is still popular around here. He will try to be sneaky and take rocks out of neighbors' yards and put them in his car seat and toys. He makes piles and enjoys "counting" them by pointing at each individual one making sounds for each, like "psh, tck, shi, meem", etc. It's too cute. Or he will take one by one and put them in my hands to count or make another pile a foot away from the original pile. It's so fun to observe his brain process information.

I take him to the pool to swim, but what does he run towards?
I take him outside to swing on the swing, but where does he run to?
The rocks.
After he's done playing basketball, where does he run after?
The rocks and gravel in the middle of the road.
Anytime there is a body of water nearby, Noah is the first to chuck something into the pool, be it 
or pretty much anything he can actively throw in and get a splash out of. 

"Sploosh" is the sound that Noah says for "splash"...

He also loves LOVES ducks and fish..."...a DUCK! a DUCK!" and "SHI-SHI'S!" 
that looks like a bad word tee hee

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Temple visits

On a chillier day in the late spring/early summer, we took a stroll to the Provo Temple to look around the pretty flowers and fountains (two of Noah's favorite things). 

Later in the summer, we headed up to Salt Lake to walk around Temple Square and City Creek. Noah absolutely loved it. He thought the temple was pretty funny?
I enjoyed dipping him and kissing him--a daily ritual around here. And it's not just me! Mark kisses him hundreds of times too. Noah is just a kissable guy! It's funny how things change once you have a baby in your the best ways possible! 
I won't go there, sorry. I'm extra mush writing tonight because I'm listening to church music on Pandora.
It's making me all weepy.
I don't really like it. It's throwing off my sarcasm.

Mark and I are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary in August! Every time we go to Salt Lake we talk and reflect on that very fun and special day. 
Enough...ENOUGH of the cheese.

*Please excuse the terrible quality of these pictures! All iPhone...(on this whole blog...)

Now I'm being the baby

These guys are best friends to the core. No one believes me when I say that he's a daddy's boy, but then they see Noah's reaction when Mark enters the room and there is no face more bright than his! He worships his dad, and I have these love-hate feelings about it. 
He probably senses that most some days I seem to be counting down the minutes until nap time!

"Enjoy it!" people say.
"You get more free time that way...take advantage of it!" exclaim friends and family.

Well ya know what?! It's been 7 months of this daddy's boy nonsense and I want to be wanted for once! I bet if I was at work all day, Noah would be pumped about me all the time too. Instead I'm the one he is "stuck" with all day long. BOo Hoo!!!! 
One day, Noah, I will get you! You'll choose me over dad.
And you'd better believe that 
I. Will. Rejoice.

Noah, lover of all things floral.

Oh my goodness, can this guy get any sweeter?! Earlier in the summer when all the dandelions were in bloom, this sweetheart would go outside with his dad and pick allll the dandelions out of the neighborhood and bring them back to me. We'd smell He'd inhale "......" and then let out a "MMMMmmmm!!!..." while exhaling. I hope he never stops doing this. He still does it, and it never gets old! He doesn't only do it to dandelions, but leaves too. 

To Noah: Dude, you'd better always pick me some flowers and sniff them! It's a small price to pay for all those thousands of stinky diapers I have changed of yours...

Up to no good

For months and months, Noah would beg and scream for my wallet. It was his favorite thing to do anytime my purse came with us somewhere...
I eventually smartened up and abandoned my Hobo wallet and converted to a smaller purse where I can only fit my cards, hand sanitizer, and roll up a diaper if I need to. 
It has saved a lot of hassle and cleaning up, and has especially lightened my stress level over the fear of losing one of my credit cards! He still likes to take his cards (empty gift cards from different grandma's idea!) in and out of his wallet (again, a gift from my grandma...genius!). He's too cute though. I could never say no and that was the problem!
I just don't want to forget the funny little things that Noah does. He's growing up too fast!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Remember when Mark got into that program in San Francisco back in May? Well, he went for a DAY, and came right back the next day. We decided that the investment wouldn't be worth it and that he already knew enough that the program would've been partially redundant. He would've been gone for 9 weeks, with only two weeks that Noah and I would be able to fly out and visit him. The program was thousands of dollars, and pretty intense, which would have been worth it had he needed it. A year ago, sure, it would've helped him. But he has spent a lot of time teaching himself in the last year. As soon as he got home, resumes and applications started going out...

With that said...
The last two months have been probably some of my favorite, yet stressful months in my whole life. Interviews started filling up a couple days out of the week and Mark spent a lot of time preparing for these intense interviews. On like the 5th, 6th, or 100th interview with a company called Property Solutions in Lehi, he was hired! We were so happy but I'm sad at the same time. We have had Mark home for more time during the day, Noah is a TOTAL daddy's boy, and I don't remember having this much bonding time with Mark ever! 

Even though he wouldn't stay at home from the hours of like 10-5, it was good to know that usually he wasn't tied down and could run to my rescue...did I abuse that, you ask? You will never know. He worked really hard during the day at BYU (computer programming and all that gibberish) on his own--I could NEVER get away with that. I'd end up social networking for 5 or 10 hours (sad, sad truth).

Side note: I was a really good student in the classroom, Mark, on the other hand, is a good self-learner. We are opposite in that way. And I'm the one with the teaching degree...those who can't learn, teach I guess?? I seriously look up to him for teaching himself so many cool things all the time. His entrepreneurial tendencies go against my traditional mentality (go to school, get straight A's, work your way up the corporate ladder, etc.) but this job definitely has room to exercise those entrepreneurial neurons in his big brain while still satisfying my need for the wonderful "B" word...

*Angels sing in the most angelic voice you can ever imagine hearing*

He starts on Tuesday, and...
we are going to miss him.
Like, seriously miss him. 

I didn't know if I would be the type of wife who would be like..."OKAY already, get out of the house so that I can do my stay-at-home-mom/wife thing while you get your work on away from home!" 

It turns out, I really like my guy!

He is the BEST dad in the whole entire world. I think I slept in until past 8 a.m. like 6/7 days of the week. He'd get up with Noah and feed him and play until I got my big butt out of bed. The mornings are not good to me. SOOO... 
back to the zombie mom mornings that I'm Cheerful morning mom--who dat?! I've made a commitment to get to bed by 11 every night. Parting of the Red Sea, what?? Yeah, this will be just as miraculous.

I'm so glad that we have a plan now, and that we will be able to do what I still can't believe we are able to do...because aren't I still a baby? 
I'm not old enough to...
house hunt!