Wednesday, July 31, 2013

18 months old update

Noah! You turned 18 months old a month ago! I'm late posting always.

On the actual day, you and I had a little date where we played on the playground and then got a treat to share at Cupcake Chic. I want to always celebrate your half birthday, especially since your real birthday is just 5 days before Christmas (sorry about that...)!

We went to your well baby check up today.
You are 34 inches long- 84th percentile
Your head is 19.5 inches- 92nd percentile (record for you)
You weigh 25.57 lbs- 62nd percentile

You have taken off developmentally these past few weeks. You talk more and more every day and we love it.

You have only had ONE colon infection since May. We are eternally grateful. You've been healthy, which means you've been happy, which means your dad and I have been OVER THE MOON! We are only as happy as you are bud. That's how parents are. We love you so much.

Recent words:
Bug, puh-kin (pumpkin), itza (pizza), tree, pig, onk (oink), paw-co (popcorn), tuh-tow (turtle), kick, pool, up, choo-choo (train), burr (bird), turk (truck), me (pointing to himself), bidge (bridge), cookie, book, huck (hug), hi, bye, tick-oh (tickle), etc.

Funny things you do:

  • Anytime we are outside exploring, you put your hand up to your ear when we hear a noise. It's the cutest.
  • You can sign the whole "Popcorn Popping" primary song with me. 
  • You throw pretty impressive temper tantrums. You pretend to fall flat on your belly and face and then fake cry. It's almost convincing. We have to try really hard not to laugh every time you do it.
  • Your favorite activities are still "bird hunting", throwing rocks into the river, going down the slide, dunking the basketball with dad, flower smelling/picking, watching Olivia the pig, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (you're getting tired of Backyardigans), and Dora the Explorer, and Special Agent Oso.
  • You could eat tomatoes and raisins every meal.
  • You don't use the bottle anymore, and since then you haven't wanted milk.
  • You can't eat wheat bread because it makes your poo terribly sandy-like
  • You still like to show us all your body parts when we ask you to.
  • You think it's funny when you feed me and dad.
  • When you want something, we can pretty much understand what it is that you want now. It's so nice!
  • You still love to do puzzles on my phone and real puzzles at home too. 
  • You can get into Netflix, YouTube, and all your more educational apps on either of our phones without any help! Crazy dude!
  • You now fold your arms and say "Amen" with us at the end of prayers. You don't keep your arms folded the whole prayer yet, but you're doing great.
  • You're not very big into giving kisses, but when you do, it's so fun. You are big into giving "hucks" though and you wrap your arms really tight around us. We love it.
  • You are used to us tickling you all the time, and now you do it right back to us! You walk up and say, "tick-oh, tick-oh, tick-oh" while putting your fingers on us. We all have a good time.
  • You love going to the library and picking out five or six books each time. You're really into pigs, roosters, and fish right now. Every day you insist that I read at least 10 or 15 books to you! You just keep bringing them over to me and plop yourself down on my lap. I love it. Your favorite books are, "A Mother for Choco", "The Story of Farts", "I Was So Mad", "Pout Pout Fish", "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish", and any of our Baby Animal books series.
We Love you Noah! You're TWO in LESS THAN 5 MONTHS! 

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