Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Now I'm being the baby

These guys are best friends to the core. No one believes me when I say that he's a daddy's boy, but then they see Noah's reaction when Mark enters the room and there is no face more bright than his! He worships his dad, and I have these love-hate feelings about it. 
He probably senses that most some days I seem to be counting down the minutes until nap time!

"Enjoy it!" people say.
"You get more free time that way...take advantage of it!" exclaim friends and family.

Well ya know what?! It's been 7 months of this daddy's boy nonsense and I want to be wanted for once! I bet if I was at work all day, Noah would be pumped about me all the time too. Instead I'm the one he is "stuck" with all day long. BOo Hoo!!!! 
One day, Noah, I will get you! You'll choose me over dad.
And you'd better believe that 
I. Will. Rejoice.

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