Sunday, July 28, 2013

Remember when Mark got into that program in San Francisco back in May? Well, he went for a DAY, and came right back the next day. We decided that the investment wouldn't be worth it and that he already knew enough that the program would've been partially redundant. He would've been gone for 9 weeks, with only two weeks that Noah and I would be able to fly out and visit him. The program was thousands of dollars, and pretty intense, which would have been worth it had he needed it. A year ago, sure, it would've helped him. But he has spent a lot of time teaching himself in the last year. As soon as he got home, resumes and applications started going out...

With that said...
The last two months have been probably some of my favorite, yet stressful months in my whole life. Interviews started filling up a couple days out of the week and Mark spent a lot of time preparing for these intense interviews. On like the 5th, 6th, or 100th interview with a company called Property Solutions in Lehi, he was hired! We were so happy but I'm sad at the same time. We have had Mark home for more time during the day, Noah is a TOTAL daddy's boy, and I don't remember having this much bonding time with Mark ever! 

Even though he wouldn't stay at home from the hours of like 10-5, it was good to know that usually he wasn't tied down and could run to my rescue...did I abuse that, you ask? You will never know. He worked really hard during the day at BYU (computer programming and all that gibberish) on his own--I could NEVER get away with that. I'd end up social networking for 5 or 10 hours (sad, sad truth).

Side note: I was a really good student in the classroom, Mark, on the other hand, is a good self-learner. We are opposite in that way. And I'm the one with the teaching degree...those who can't learn, teach I guess?? I seriously look up to him for teaching himself so many cool things all the time. His entrepreneurial tendencies go against my traditional mentality (go to school, get straight A's, work your way up the corporate ladder, etc.) but this job definitely has room to exercise those entrepreneurial neurons in his big brain while still satisfying my need for the wonderful "B" word...

*Angels sing in the most angelic voice you can ever imagine hearing*

He starts on Tuesday, and...
we are going to miss him.
Like, seriously miss him. 

I didn't know if I would be the type of wife who would be like..."OKAY already, get out of the house so that I can do my stay-at-home-mom/wife thing while you get your work on away from home!" 

It turns out, I really like my guy!

He is the BEST dad in the whole entire world. I think I slept in until past 8 a.m. like 6/7 days of the week. He'd get up with Noah and feed him and play until I got my big butt out of bed. The mornings are not good to me. SOOO... 
back to the zombie mom mornings that I'm Cheerful morning mom--who dat?! I've made a commitment to get to bed by 11 every night. Parting of the Red Sea, what?? Yeah, this will be just as miraculous.

I'm so glad that we have a plan now, and that we will be able to do what I still can't believe we are able to do...because aren't I still a baby? 
I'm not old enough to...
house hunt!


  1. Amy! Congrats- that's awesome!!! Benefits. Oh my heck I'm so jealous! And I am also zombie mom in the mornings. Seriously, who on earth is excited to be awake before 8am?!