Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I feel like every little boy goes through a rock stage. "Rock" is one of the first words that Noah said and that trend is still popular around here. He will try to be sneaky and take rocks out of neighbors' yards and put them in his car seat and toys. He makes piles and enjoys "counting" them by pointing at each individual one making sounds for each, like "psh, tck, shi, meem", etc. It's too cute. Or he will take one by one and put them in my hands to count or make another pile a foot away from the original pile. It's so fun to observe his brain process information.

I take him to the pool to swim, but what does he run towards?
I take him outside to swing on the swing, but where does he run to?
The rocks.
After he's done playing basketball, where does he run after?
The rocks and gravel in the middle of the road.
Anytime there is a body of water nearby, Noah is the first to chuck something into the pool, be it 
or pretty much anything he can actively throw in and get a splash out of. 

"Sploosh" is the sound that Noah says for "splash"...

He also loves LOVES ducks and fish..."...a DUCK! a DUCK!" and "SHI-SHI'S!" 
that looks like a bad word tee hee

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