Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Temple visits

On a chillier day in the late spring/early summer, we took a stroll to the Provo Temple to look around the pretty flowers and fountains (two of Noah's favorite things). 

Later in the summer, we headed up to Salt Lake to walk around Temple Square and City Creek. Noah absolutely loved it. He thought the temple was pretty funny?
I enjoyed dipping him and kissing him--a daily ritual around here. And it's not just me! Mark kisses him hundreds of times too. Noah is just a kissable guy! It's funny how things change once you have a baby in your life...in the best ways possible! 
I won't go there, sorry. I'm extra mush writing tonight because I'm listening to church music on Pandora.
It's making me all weepy.
I don't really like it. It's throwing off my sarcasm.

Mark and I are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary in August! Every time we go to Salt Lake we talk and reflect on that very fun and special day. 
Enough...ENOUGH of the cheese.

*Please excuse the terrible quality of these pictures! All iPhone...(on this whole blog...)

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