Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The question of TV

Luckily this kid likes to read books as much as he loves to watch his shows, or else we'd be in trouble! He concentrates really hard on them, and recently he started responding to shows like Dora where the characters ask the audience questions...(I'm really good at justifying this frowned-upon behavior if you can't tell!)

As long as we are spending more time playing in and outside, I'm fine with an hour or mayyybe two of TV a day. I've talked about this a few times before on this blog, and now that the weather is nice and Noah feels well most of the time, we have found a more healthy balance. I do what I can to watch with him and laugh with him so that the TV doesn't function as a babysitter. Mark does an even better job than I do in this matter. He is more likely to turn on a show, but he is also more likely to sit with Noah and sing along with him. Mark has every theme song and episode song memorized. Okay, probably an exaggeration, but he gets just as excited about certain episodes as Noah does. 

Noah would much rather be out and about rather than in front of the TV anyway unless he doesn't feel well. That's one of the first signs that I know he's not feeling the best--he whines and whines and whines until I turn on something. This past winter was the WORST when he just felt like crap all the time and TV was a major source of comfort and distraction for him. 

I purposefully don't have Netflix or YouTube on my phone apps so that he'll play with his education apps, which he loves! He's our little techie. Mark's phone has all the good stuff on it, yet another reason he's the favorite parent! Can you tell I have always felt uneasy about him watching so much TV? haha!... a whole blog post about this...
I know it's not recommended before the age of 2 by the AAP. What do you guys think? Is TV okay? Under what conditions? 


  1. you're a rockin' mom. i don't think we need to feel like we have to justify the way we comfort/entertain/distract our kids (or give ourselves a break). i think noah is adorably delicious and seems every bit as bright and curious as the children that come from strict no-TV households.

    let's get together soon!

  2. You worry too dang much about the whole tv thing!!! Noah is FINE! Capri already watches an episode or two of Dinosaur Train a day. haha Also, my friend's Mom is a reading specialist and says that some tv/iPad game time each day is good for kids! If your kid is's fine :)