Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A few weeks ago, we met up with our great friends the Richards to eat lunch at Moochies. And that restaurant deserves its own blog post from me since I have been obsessed with it for the last little while. Four words: Philly Cheesesteak. JalapeƱo sauce. After we ate, we thought we'd find something else to do in the big S-L-C since we drove alll the way up there from P-town.

As it turns out, the Hogle Zoo is literally up the street from Moochies. We're always up for a good zoo visit since Noah thinks he's a tiger or a pig depending on the day and usually fits right in to the zoo scene. I took a lot of depressing photos of the Gorilla's quarters and didn't want to post them. They literally had garbage in their "cells." Toilet paper, torn up cardboard, half of a plastic swimming pool...the place just looked terrible. It was crazy! I should have talked to someone about it. I'm mad that I didn't. We had fun nonetheless and will probably go back again since the new African Safari exhibit is open now...or so I've heard....

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  1. I am just seeing all these cute blog posts! We had so much fun on our "day date" with y'all! And we just went back to the zoo a few weeks ago. It was much cleaner!! The safari wasn't open yet, though :(