Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oh Philadelphia, how we will miss you!

My little brother Austin opening his mission call! Spokane, Washington, English speaking! Leaves August 28th. Soooo proud of him!
Going to the Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey
Going to the Please Touch museum in Philly
Going to the Philadelphia Zoo
Barbecuing and swimming at the country club pool
Spending time with all of our family

My parents and Austin are driving cross-country as I type this because they are selling their beautiful home in Wayne and coming back to live here in Provo. We are excited to have them so close...(upstairs....!).

I'm so glad that we had one last trip to PA to visit. We loved visiting them there and having ties to the east coast, but that chapter has closed and now we are on to one of the busiest months on record! My parents moving back on the 10th, randomly teaching Relief Society at church on the 11th, Nephew Nico's birthday party, Mark's Step-dad's 60th birthday party on the 21st, A new nephew being born on the 27th, Austin leaving on the 28th, Erica and Robbie moving back on the 20th, and okay probably nothing else but to me that feels so busy. 

August!!!! Ahhh!!

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  1. So fun! I'm sorry I haven't commented before on your recent posts. But I love them!! And August sounds really fun and packed. Good luck. And yay for the north west!