Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Midway Ice Castles

About a month ago we took a little trip to Midway (like the rest of Utah) to take a look at these Ice Castles that everyone was talking about. 

I am really good at using "I don't want to spend the money" as an excuse to not do something, but luckily I have this friend who planned this trip ahead of time and I couldn't say no. It was really something! Much cooler than I expected! We opted to go during the day and it wasn't too crowded. 

Noah totally thought this was some kind of Paradise or something. He couldn't get enough of the snow and ice. As you can see, he was extremely annoyed that I picked him up for a picture. It made me feel like such a bad mom for never taking him outside in the snow! And when I say never...I seriously mean never. I'm such a wuss in the cold. See?...selfish selfish. I'm working on it, constantly!

We even found Olaf!

Mark's taking a quick nap during picture time.

Noah looks so old...stop it, just STOP IT!

Afterward, we went to Dairy Keen where they really went above and beyond to decorate Hawaiian style. In February. 
...Dat food do'....mmmmm

I had to capture the sunset views on the drive home. iPhone 5s--you did a good job lil' guy!

SO--thank you, Lacey and Nate for forcing me to put on snow boots and venture into the cold Ice Castles with y'all :) I wish we would've gotten a picture together!

Mom's 50th

This pretty mama of mine turned 50 on December 22nd. One of the celebrations was up at the Sundance Grill, followed by a surprise cabin party. It was a great surprise planned by my dad, aunt, and sis-in-law. 

Anyone who knows my mom, knows that she is the most happy, bubbly person to be around. She runs from anything negative, and I wish I could be more like her! 50 years young! Look at how great she looks.

Dad, sorry for the funny face I caught of you!

My dad was so cute and took cake, ice cream, and a bunch of Martinelli's and treats to this Sundance cabin earlier in the day so that it was all ready to surprise my mom when they walked up. She was certainly surprised. Mark was moving stuff into our house that night and Noah was with his Grandma Kerri, so I had a fun and hilarious night with my fam damily! I love when we all get together, especially the women! I missed my boys though! 

New House (!!!!!!!!!)

We officially closed on our house on December 19th, and the only time we could get a lot of people (big, burley men) to help us move was that Saturday, the 21st. 4 days before Christmas? Yes. AHH never again! *smiley face* 

We moved all of our stuff from my parents' house to our new place in two shifts...we were done unloading everything by like 11 a.m., which was a relief because the weather decided to be terrible that day and it was basically a blizzard. Mark's old high school buddies came to help (sooo nice), and his brothers Josh and Ryan and step dad Brent brought his big horse trailer. It worked out great. My mom and pregnant sister were so sweet and helped me unpack the kitchen first. We weren't accustomed to having so much storage space, so everything has fit so easily.

We were fortunate to be able to pick out all the little features that we wanted. We fell in love with this slab of granite and the white cabinet/ dark wood combo. 

It's probably a good thing that they hire cleaners to come wipe down the place from ceiling to floor before we moved in :)

That jacket is covering the second sink :) We have a separate shower and big jetted bath tub (my sanctuary!). The master bathroom and kitchen sold me on these town homes.

It was really impressive how quickly they got the ball rolling and had it done for us just in time for Christmas. We couldn't be more happy with the end result. It feels like we've lived here for a long time. We were so lucky to be able to save some money and pay off Noah's medical bills (over 30k---OUCH) with the help of my parents letting us live at their house for almost 7 months! That saved us! And Mark's mom helped us with a down payment on the house. It's a tradition that her own parents started when she was newly married and bought her first house. She and Brent have helped Mark's two older brothers and step-siblings as well. It's been a life saver. 

When you buy a new house, there's something that no one tells you--you have to buy A TON of stuff to fill the house! Well I guess you don't have to...but Miss Amy over here gets a little Pinterest crazy and wants wants wants...can you blame me?! We didn't have a decent kitchen table, so this is what I bought with my birthday money:

We love it! It comes with an extra leaf and we bought two more chairs all from the RC Willey Outlet.  It should last us awhile! The rug was purchased before we moved in on We are really pleased with the quality of it and we got a great deal on both the table and the rug.

Anytime we pull into the driveway, Noah whispers, "Noah'th houth" (Noah's house). He loves his new house as much as we do!

I'll have to post pictures of the whole house, when I get around to having every room spotless and orderly, which will be neverrrrrr :)

It's all coming together though little by little. This stuff takes time if you do it the way you want it ($$$$$$)
Now we have pictures up--still need something on that other wall! We didn't realize how off-centered that light would be...if I think about it too much it gives me OCD so I choose to ignore it most of the time!

This is our closet storage under the was so terribly unorganized, so one night I tackled it and it became this:

A "Toy Cave"--Noah loves it! and now I can throw all his toys in the closet and shut it and no one even knows what a mess it is :)

Noah's room also needed some major work. It's a good sized room but his books were just in piles all around his room and it was causing some major anxiety and sore feet. 

This is our view from our back porch...Isn't it pretty? It will be not so pretty when the summer comes and that marsh behind us becomes a mating ground for mosquitos and other bugs *smiley face*, so we are enjoying it now!

This is the view directly from our front door. They still haven't laid the sod, but the sprinkler system is installed. It will be nice to see some greenery and for the construction to be done! They go so fast though--hopefully by the summertime they'll be gone! 

Anyway, that's our casa.

Noah's SECOND birthday!

December 20, 2013! My guy turned 2 and it couldn't have come at a worse time! haha! In the future we will try not to close on a house on his birthday...which gets me to...

What do you do when: a) you are short on cash because you just bought a house, b) it's December, aka, the busiest month of the year, c) your move-in date is the day after your son's birthday and d) you're exhausted?
You go to Macey's, pay $7.78 for a variety of doughnuts, stack them on top of each other, stick candles in it, and call it good! The kids loved it and we just had a few cousins over to my parents' house for a late breakfast birthday party.

I am so mad that I didn't take a picture of the cute sign my parents made for Noah on their front door--but it said, "Happy Birthday Noah, We Love You!" or something like that I imagine. They also blew up dozens of balloons and stuck pennies in each one of them. How cute and fun is that?! It was Noah's favorite part of the whole morning--popping those balloons for "pennieths!"

As a rambunctious two year old, Noah can: 
  • Count consecutively to 12, 
  • loves to identify the numbers 8 and 4 wherever we are,
  • knows all of his basic shapes (square, rectangle, oval, star, triangle, circle, ..I think that's it), 
  • all basic colors, including fuscia (just kidding!), 
  • knows the letters "W", "P", and "B" consistently (random...)
  • loves to "cuh-doe" and have "huggy-time" with his mom and dad, 
  • loves to give kisses on our lips, 
  • offers his head to everyone else when they ask for kisses, 
  • loves the daycare at the Provo rec. center, 
  • cries when I even give him a disappointed look, 
  • loves to show off his arm muscles, 
  • says full sentences and has the most adorable lisp still, 
  • loves Winnie the Pooh, 
  • eating oatmeal for breakfast every morning, no matter what, 
  • peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread (wheat bread gives him ter-ri-ble diaper rashes), strawberries, and drinks green drinks as long as we call them "broccoli juice"...weirdo! 
  • He loves chocolate just like his mama. 
  • He's so sensitive and sweet and territorial of his parents. 
  • He has a hard time in nursery since we are leaders and doesn't like to share us with other kids. 
  • He still doesn't like to be too daring and just sits upright in the bathtub and doesn't like to move much.
  • He loves to ransack any laundry that I have folded...drives me nuts!
  • ...and lots of other fun things that I can't think of right now, nor would you care to know everything out my kid haha! I just love being his mama and love watching him learn and grow so much each day.

Uncle Robbie and Aunt Erica got to come share their love too. We cherish every moment seeing them before they move away in January.

I can't believe my baby is already TWO! His second year flew by, and was much better than his first year!

He loved his doughnut cake, especially the doughnuts with sprinkles.

My little stud-muffin. Mark had to get to work and couldn't come to this little gathering. It wasn't supposed to be a big deal, but Grandma and Grandpa know how to throw a last minute party!

We HAD to have strawberries for his birthday--they're his absolute favorite.

Smart boy--eats the good stuff first! :)

As you can see, he was completely spoiled by his cousins and grandparents! He was given great gifts from all his other grandparents throughout the month too! I just didn't get good pictures of those. He's spoiled rotten and loved by so many people. He's a lucky boy and I'm so lucky to be his mama!


December 6th--a day that changed my life! I'm not being dramatic at all.  Alright alright alright. Beyonce isn't exactly the best role-model, but my goodness that woman can put on a fantastic show. A few months prior, my girls Chekka and Dom and Nia all talked about going to the Beyonce concert in Vegas. I did a selfish thing and went ahead and stuck that expensive ticket on my credit card and told Mark after the fact. It's better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, right??!! He really didn't mind (probably because he never saw the real cost of it!). Oh well, we are still married and happy. Ha!

Do you think I regretted it?

My eyes...creepy!

Nope. It worked out perfectly with the Disneyland trip. My parents just dropped Noah and me off at our hotel where we waited for Mark to meet us. Mark got there just in time for me to go meet up with the girls at the MGM Grand, "leather" leggings and all. Mark was so sweet to watch Noah and drive down to Vegas so I could go. We stayed two nights and made a little vacation out of it. I would go see her again in a heartbeat! And the floor General Seating was the way to go! I was probably 7 feet away from her for parts of the concert. We had some GHETTO people around us causing all kinds of mayhem. It was great entertainment. One girl even choked another chick. Where is the love? I felt safe with this group of girls. They wouldn't take crap from anybody when girls tried moving into our space. HA! Good stories!

There might be one regret from that night...

I won't tell you how much I paid for that tissue-paper thin tank-top....

$40 *why?!

Disneyland con mis padres

mmmk, sorry for my Spanglish-- translation: Disneyland with my parents. Mark seriously gets the short end of the stick every Clark family vacation because he has a desk job and can't take off whenever he wants to! Not fair! But Noah and I had a lot of fun nonetheless.

I don't think my shoes are bright enough...

Noah loved Goofy's car in Toon Land.

We had to get a castle picture. We stayed for the Christmas parade one night and loved it! Grandma spoiled the boys with expensive Disney balloons...(never again unless you like balloons in your face every step you take!) Christmastime at Disney is so fun! We went the first week of December and it couldn't have been better.

Here's the gang! We usually stay at The Candy Cane Inn--our favorite little motel just a mile down the road from the Disney entrance. 

Noah still isn't a fan of big-fake-headed characters!

His favorite ride was the Winnie the Pooh ride. He's was in a major Pooh phase then. He doesn't get very scared, which is fun for me!

Another highlight was riding Dumbo with Grandpa,

and taking a nap with Grandpa!

Of course Noah loved being with his cousins. We got to meet up one day with Rosanna and her baby girl Daniella, who live just miles away from the park. It's always a treat to meet with old friends and seem like not a day passed that we hadn't talked!
This Minion beanie got so much attention! We always love a good Disneyland trip and can't wait to go back! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the awesome vacation!