Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bananas, Pirates, and bra shopping, oh my!

As mentioned in the Disney World post, we were able to showcase our banana and pirate costumes at Mickey's Halloween party first, 

but what I haven't mentioned yet is how Mark and I decided to go to our friends' Halloween party as Old Women.

Where do you go for a last minute Halloween costume?  Saver's of course! First thing's first: get Mark some breasts. 
I cried from laughing for a solid twenty minutes. People there probably thought I was a little high on something. Mark was having a great time picking out his bra for that evening. The dress looked incredible on him. I'd say red is definitely his color ;)

The finished product....

My pearls, some big glasses, and wig did the trick for him. I wish SO BADLY I had a picture of his high heels. He has some big feet and so the only heels that he could get on him were ladies' size 10 and he just stepped on the strap in the back. I was dying. He looked amazing. 

I on the other hand...really struggled. I hated my costume and the only reason I went along with it was so that we could coordinate together. Better planning this year!!!!! 

On Halloween day, Noah was starting to get over a bug that he had the whole week. He seemed pleasant enough to go Trick or Treating, and Mark wasn't about to miss his opportunity to take him for the first time! I mean, we took him last year but he was not only young but he was also extremely ill and had a colon infection. Noah had a great time, but I'm pretty sure Mark and I had a better time gushing over his cuteness.


  1. Love your husbands costume. Savers is the best. Ha

  2. The old lady costume is hilarious. Well done.