Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Disneyland con mis padres

mmmk, sorry for my Spanglish-- translation: Disneyland with my parents. Mark seriously gets the short end of the stick every Clark family vacation because he has a desk job and can't take off whenever he wants to! Not fair! But Noah and I had a lot of fun nonetheless.

I don't think my shoes are bright enough...

Noah loved Goofy's car in Toon Land.

We had to get a castle picture. We stayed for the Christmas parade one night and loved it! Grandma spoiled the boys with expensive Disney balloons...(never again unless you like balloons in your face every step you take!) Christmastime at Disney is so fun! We went the first week of December and it couldn't have been better.

Here's the gang! We usually stay at The Candy Cane Inn--our favorite little motel just a mile down the road from the Disney entrance. 

Noah still isn't a fan of big-fake-headed characters!

His favorite ride was the Winnie the Pooh ride. He's was in a major Pooh phase then. He doesn't get very scared, which is fun for me!

Another highlight was riding Dumbo with Grandpa,

and taking a nap with Grandpa!

Of course Noah loved being with his cousins. We got to meet up one day with Rosanna and her baby girl Daniella, who live just miles away from the park. It's always a treat to meet with old friends and seem like not a day passed that we hadn't talked!
This Minion beanie got so much attention! We always love a good Disneyland trip and can't wait to go back! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the awesome vacation!

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