Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Midway Ice Castles

About a month ago we took a little trip to Midway (like the rest of Utah) to take a look at these Ice Castles that everyone was talking about. 

I am really good at using "I don't want to spend the money" as an excuse to not do something, but luckily I have this friend who planned this trip ahead of time and I couldn't say no. It was really something! Much cooler than I expected! We opted to go during the day and it wasn't too crowded. 

Noah totally thought this was some kind of Paradise or something. He couldn't get enough of the snow and ice. As you can see, he was extremely annoyed that I picked him up for a picture. It made me feel like such a bad mom for never taking him outside in the snow! And when I say never...I seriously mean never. I'm such a wuss in the cold. See?...selfish selfish. I'm working on it, constantly!

We even found Olaf!

Mark's taking a quick nap during picture time.

Noah looks so old...stop it, just STOP IT!

Afterward, we went to Dairy Keen where they really went above and beyond to decorate Hawaiian style. In February. 
...Dat food do'....mmmmm

I had to capture the sunset views on the drive home. iPhone 5s--you did a good job lil' guy!

SO--thank you, Lacey and Nate for forcing me to put on snow boots and venture into the cold Ice Castles with y'all :) I wish we would've gotten a picture together!

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  1. Your hat is so cute!! Also, Noah looks adorable in his snow gear get up! The ice castles were awesome...if only we'd seen Frozen before we went could we of more fully appreciated it! haha