Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Noah's SECOND birthday!

December 20, 2013! My guy turned 2 and it couldn't have come at a worse time! haha! In the future we will try not to close on a house on his birthday...which gets me to...

What do you do when: a) you are short on cash because you just bought a house, b) it's December, aka, the busiest month of the year, c) your move-in date is the day after your son's birthday and d) you're exhausted?
You go to Macey's, pay $7.78 for a variety of doughnuts, stack them on top of each other, stick candles in it, and call it good! The kids loved it and we just had a few cousins over to my parents' house for a late breakfast birthday party.

I am so mad that I didn't take a picture of the cute sign my parents made for Noah on their front door--but it said, "Happy Birthday Noah, We Love You!" or something like that I imagine. They also blew up dozens of balloons and stuck pennies in each one of them. How cute and fun is that?! It was Noah's favorite part of the whole morning--popping those balloons for "pennieths!"

As a rambunctious two year old, Noah can: 
  • Count consecutively to 12, 
  • loves to identify the numbers 8 and 4 wherever we are,
  • knows all of his basic shapes (square, rectangle, oval, star, triangle, circle, ..I think that's it), 
  • all basic colors, including fuscia (just kidding!), 
  • knows the letters "W", "P", and "B" consistently (random...)
  • loves to "cuh-doe" and have "huggy-time" with his mom and dad, 
  • loves to give kisses on our lips, 
  • offers his head to everyone else when they ask for kisses, 
  • loves the daycare at the Provo rec. center, 
  • cries when I even give him a disappointed look, 
  • loves to show off his arm muscles, 
  • says full sentences and has the most adorable lisp still, 
  • loves Winnie the Pooh, 
  • eating oatmeal for breakfast every morning, no matter what, 
  • peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread (wheat bread gives him ter-ri-ble diaper rashes), strawberries, and drinks green drinks as long as we call them "broccoli juice"...weirdo! 
  • He loves chocolate just like his mama. 
  • He's so sensitive and sweet and territorial of his parents. 
  • He has a hard time in nursery since we are leaders and doesn't like to share us with other kids. 
  • He still doesn't like to be too daring and just sits upright in the bathtub and doesn't like to move much.
  • He loves to ransack any laundry that I have folded...drives me nuts!
  • ...and lots of other fun things that I can't think of right now, nor would you care to know everything out my kid haha! I just love being his mama and love watching him learn and grow so much each day.

Uncle Robbie and Aunt Erica got to come share their love too. We cherish every moment seeing them before they move away in January.

I can't believe my baby is already TWO! His second year flew by, and was much better than his first year!

He loved his doughnut cake, especially the doughnuts with sprinkles.

My little stud-muffin. Mark had to get to work and couldn't come to this little gathering. It wasn't supposed to be a big deal, but Grandma and Grandpa know how to throw a last minute party!

We HAD to have strawberries for his birthday--they're his absolute favorite.

Smart boy--eats the good stuff first! :)

As you can see, he was completely spoiled by his cousins and grandparents! He was given great gifts from all his other grandparents throughout the month too! I just didn't get good pictures of those. He's spoiled rotten and loved by so many people. He's a lucky boy and I'm so lucky to be his mama!

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  1. You look gorgeous in that picture of you holding Noah with his birthday doughnuts! Did you do your make up different or something?? Seriously, your skin looks flawless.