Monday, December 22, 2014

It's October  December, and I'm sitting here trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to catch up on this dang blog. I don't really know why I stopped writing. I don't think there's really a reason other than I've been lazy! So now, here I am, trying to recall the last nine months of the Freemans' lives.

I guess I'll start with the thing that pretty much consumes every thought of mine these days...I'm pregnant! We found out in May just the week after Mother's Day. We were so excited and truthfully...also pretty shocked and a little apprehensive. Pregnancy after a miscarriage is definitely less magical at first! I was just asking Mark how I told him about this pregnancy and he was like, "I think you just texted me??" Yeah, original, right!? Don't get me wrong, OF COURSE I was excited. I immediately said a prayer of thanks. We waited longer before we told our families this time around...longer, as in, like a couple weeks haha.

The sickness came hard and FAST. I'll try to remember all the crazy pregnancy symptoms that came this time around vs. with Noah. Almost everything about this pregnancy has been different. I was still sick with Noah, but not THAT sick. I started vomiting probably a week and a half after we got the positive pregnancy test. And it was all downhill from there. Dramatic much? Always!

When I was barfing with Noah en utero, I still had the bladder and lady parts of Joan of Arc.  This time around? HA! Oh how pregnancy-with-Noah Amy would coil at what the future would hold with pregnancy numero dos. So, not only was I throwing up multiple times a day, but with all the pressure and strong contracting that happens with each hurl, other bodily fluids would shoot out. Yes, shoot. Yes even if I emptied my bladder just moments before (how?!?). Let's just say the removal of all the bathroom rugs was necessary for sanitary reasons. And I had to do a load of whites every other day to keep up with underwear usage. So, that was probably my least fun pregnancy symptom weeks 6-14. The great news? It pretty much stopped all at once at week 13-14ish. After that I was a new lady! Bring on the FOOD! Bring on the second trimester POUNDS!

We found out that we are expecting a little lady when I was 16 weeks along. We are shocked and over the moon. A little GIRL. I can't believe it still. I have a closet full of frilly dresses and bows and sparkly shoes...It won't hit me until she's here and I really feel so blessed, especially since we probably won't have six kids like we thought we might before we actually had any. haha.

Things about this pregnancy that have made it more difficult: violent vomiting, debilitating back pain (starting around 25-ish weeks), hip/pelvic pain, inability to do much vigorous exercise, inability to sleep well at night (I took Unisom every night for a few weeks even after the nausea subsided), and just having to take care of Noah each day and not get all the rest that I need.

Noah is so loving towards my belly and excited for this baby sister of his. It's the first thing he talks about each day, and he continually talks about her throughout the day. "She's my baby sister. She'll be here soon. I love her. She's so cute. I'll give her hugs and kisses. She's coming home today!"...are some of the phrases that he repeats day after day. He doesn't realize that his world is about to get turned upside down! Poor guy! MY world will be turned upside down. I'm so used to it just being me and my buddy! All I can say is that this baby girl hopefully is a little more laid back than her big brother or else I'm in for it! I'm just expecting her to be crazy (LOW expectations) and if I achieve keeping both little humans alive every day and my sanity in check, then that will be a SUCCESSFUL day! Low expectations.....

I'll be 37 weeks along in a couple days and have an appointment tomorrow, so we will see if I am progressing at all. I can't believe how different this pregnancy is. I am constantly feeling her ram into my pelvis these days and Noah was just floating around in there until we forced him out. She seems locked and loaded--she MUST stay in me until January 1st! I've been extra cautious (aka l-a-z-y) these days because even when I walk around the house too much I start getting crazy pains and it freaks me out. Mark is loving this (not!!)...he's such a soldier for putting up with me through this whole thing! I guess he's just as guilty of this pregnancy happening as I am...

I tell you what though-- I sure feel loved and this little girl will be one loved and spoiled little thing. My family threw me a beautiful shower last month and just a week ago my friends threw me another perfect one. She will definitely be dressing better than me at this point! Here is to committing to blogging again!
When I was 9 weeks along I ran the Utah Valley Half Marathon with my good friend Katie! It was HARRRD but I finished (couldn't have done it without her!) and didn't die of puking after the race! Success!

Just another barely along selfie.

After my first appointment with all the blood work I got sick and the nurses brought me apple juice and...crackers? I think? I had the same wussy reaction with my pregnancy with Noah too!

My little girl peanut.

In June two of my best friends had their baby boys. This is Callum, Holly's boy! He was huge and is so perfect. I can't believe how thin I am in this picture (I lost about 10 pounds from throwing up that first trimester!).

This was right when I started to feel better--July 4th, Stadium of Fire. Mark was in Brazil with his boss attending World Cup games.

Erica came for the Fourth of July activities and family reunion. It was so wonderful having her and Benny with us. We had to take our boys on a walk in their twinner jogging strollers.

13 weeks along

about the same?

This was in Arkansas when Noah and I flew out to visit Erica, Robbie, and Benny for a week. 15 weeks.

16 weeks--the day we found out our peanut was a little LADY!

The first set of baby girl clothes that I purchased myself.

Education Week with my mom. This deserves its own blog post.

How I typically dressed/looked/felt for this pregnancy. #reallife

Who knows how many weeks...20 something?

In my parents' new house in Dallas--end of September.

30 weeks!

Baby shower with family--33 weeks.

Thanksgiving trip to Cabo--33.5 weeks

Belly's gettin' biiiiig.

34.5 weeks 

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