Tuesday, February 10, 2015

December 30, 2014--

I'm 38 weeks pregnant with baby girl today. We just celebrated Noah's 3rd birthday, Christmas, New Year's Eve is tomorrow, and the only thing I can think about is how unprepared I am for this baby! I want to see her and hold her and wow...I can't wait for that...but this time around I have so much more anxiety and fear! I know it's because I've been through it before and that was hard. NICU and Hirschsprung's aside, recovering from childbirth is no joke. Luckily, though, I also know that it is all temporary and oh, so worth it. 

Noah's birthday party was a hoot. Because of my large condition, I opted to do a fun kid party where I didn't have to do anything but show up at a trampoline place. Pretty much everyone we invited came--Noah had a ball! So much so that he screamed and kicked and punched when we took him away from the trampolines to get sung Happy Birthday to and blow out candles... It was embarrassing but then again, I can't blame the kid. He got so many presents. Holy cow. Way too many. Next time we are putting "no gifts, please" on the invite! He's a lucky guy though. We all had a great time and I can't believe that I have a three year old!!! He's starting Primary (officially) next week and it blows my mind he's old enough now to be out of nursery (not that he ever went since Mom and Dad's sunbeams class is way cooler).

Noah's latest tricks:
He can now write his name! I hadn't ever worked with him on it and just asked him on the morning of his birthday, "can you write your name?" and BOOM. He did it perfectly. I about fell off my chair! So fun!

He loves to learn all about words and spelling. It's his "thing." He asks me all day, "what's that spell?" and I'll tell him, then he recites the letters back to me and what it spells. He's a little sponge! He likes to sound out words, although that's not always accurate. Cute, nonetheless! One of his more impressive moments happened a month or so ago when he was in the bathtub and on a Dickey's BBQ cup found the letters "C-R-O-W-N...Crown!" then "D-U-S-T...Dust!" I was like...what the heck?! Two of the most random words ever and he just spelled them? and found those letters on the words found on this Dickey's cup? He started spelling things back in October and I knew he had a thing for it when I recited how to spell my parents' dog Lucy's name just once to him and he recited it back to me and it stuck. He's now realizing how cool it is to other people (grandparents...) and has proudly spelled words for us on command. If I help guide him to the correct pronunciations of words, he can usually figure it out. I'm so excited he enjoys this sort of thing and I hope I can keep cultivating this love of learning that he has. I loved to read when I was little too but I wasn't this young. He asks me to take him to the library on a weekly basis and I've tried to keep that an exciting activity for him.

He STILL has an obsession with Halloween! I distracted him with some Christmas movies and shows for a short period of time, and now that we put all of our Christmas decorations away (sad, I know), he's back to watching this Curious George Halloween pumpkin show like several times a day! Shoot me! He LOVES it though, and he has the flu right now, so....whatever he wants, for now! His other show that he won't stop watching is Veggie Tales in space (teaches about sharing) and The Incredible Vegetables (teaches about not having fear and trusting in God). I'm over it, but he's still insistent on watching those same three shows over and over and over again while we are both stuck in bed. Poor guy has had a fever for almost 5 days straight now! So that's A LOT of TV.

I'm just hoping we are all feeling better when this babe decides to come! We don't want her to come home to a sick house. I can't wait to be able to move again and hold that precious newborn baby. Now I need to give this guy as much attention as I can...I hope he takes all the changes okay...I'm sure I'll have a lot to say about that later!

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