Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ellery's newborn and Family pictures

Before Ellery was born, I had been shopping around for a newborn photographer. I searched all over my favorite photographers on Instagram, but couldn't commit to anyone. A friend suggested going to FotoFly. I checked them out and thought, "hey, if I hate them, then I'm only out 100 bucks and a couple hours in my day...worth a try!" So when Ellery was ten days old, we headed to FotoFly in Draper and with low expectations, they far exceeded them and did a fantastic job. We were in and out in less than an hour. It was totally Freeman family style. 

Side note: I don't want to sound negative, but for Pete's sake, how are all these photographers in Utah County charging $300-$450 for freaking newborn pictures?! Sure their pictures are prettier, but not 300 dollars prettier! It blows my mind. 

Anywho, $100 dollars and 5 hours later, we were sent like 40 pictures. Yes, you read that right. They sent the pictures the SAME DAY. And the photographer was totally cool about getting some family pictures too! Any other photographer that I contacted would've charged extra for that so....FotoFly, you are SMART because guess who will be returning customers?? The following are my favorites!

 We had to take some with the blanket that my sister-in-law Sarah made for Miss Elle. 

 Her sad-i'm-about-to-lose-it face is still my favorite. That and her smile of course!

 The ones in this darling muslin blanket didn't turn out like I'd hoped! She was getting restless at this point, but this open-eyed one still kills me.

It's truly a MIRACLE that the photographer (who was just the sweetest) could get Noah to cooperate AND smile. We couldn't have been happier with the result.

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