Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sick, Run, Reunion (June/July 2014)

We seem to like to get pregnant in the springtime...which means the sickness carries through much of the summer. So now, when I feel the warm weather coming, I get a tinge of that morning sickness and it makes me not want summer to come! I'm so excited to not be pregnant this spring and summer! Here's what my face usually looked like for those first 13 weeks:
I think I sent this picture to Mark with a caption like "You did this to me, you b*stard," after throwing up for the third time that day and peeing my pants each time. I get inappropriate when I'm pregnant.

Because of the miscarriage just a few months before, I was extra uneasy around weeks 8 and 9. One morning I woke up and I didn't throw up. I thought something was wrong, so I scheduled an ultrasound. Nope! Little peanut was just tricking me. The minute we got back from the hospital, I hurled in the toilet. 

I took Zofran for probably a week. Can you guess what my side-effects were?
I'm odd and would rather be throwing up than be constipated, so I stopped taking the Zoran. Plus, it didn't help all that much anyway.

I couldn't bear the thought of drinking the water from any of our faucets. The "flavor" made me gag. So, every morning after breakfast I'd load Noah into the car and head to McDonald's and get me two large waters. That's it. It was the only water that I could drink without throwing up. Well, I'd throw it up later anyway but it wasn't because of the water.

Somehow I managed to trek through a half marathon at 9 weeks pregnant--the peak of my nausea and sickness, but I did fine. I didn't throw up during the race, but after the race was rough. I hardly trained, but I love this race and had done it a couple times before. I'm so glad my friend Katie asked me to do it with her.

Another McDonald's run. But this time with fries.

At my first appointment I had my blood work done. I thought I would do better this time around, but like ten minutes after the work was done, I started feeling weak and started crying! It was so embarrassing! Luckily the nurses and staff are surrounded by pregnant women all day so...they knew exactly what I needed:

I got a picture of the little bean, and that made me feel better too.

The weirdest food sounded okay to me.

Wendy's became a staple there for about a month. I never threw up their chili or caesar side salad. So I stuck to what worked for me and we ate there all the time. Noah didn't mind!

Mark left us to go to Brazil for ten days or so the end of June- first week of July. His boss took him to go to a few World Cup games. We missed him terribly.

We had a Clark Family Reunion that whole week and part of the festivities was going to Stadium of Fire on July 4. I remember this was the turning point in my pregnancy and I started feeling almost normal when this picture was taken. I ran that morning the Freedom 5k I think. Or the 10k. I don't remember. We did so many fun things though! Noah got to ride a horse, we had a party up at Brickerhaven in Sundance, we had a pool day at my parents' house, we had a family BBQ at a nearby park with a bouncy house and was so great seeing family that I hadn't seen in a few years. 

Erica, Robbie, and nephew Benny were in town for the reunion. You can see here (below) how skinny my upper body is...I think with all the puking, food aversions, and lack of exercise I lost about 10 pounds, which was a lot for my short body. Fortunately and unfortunately, every pound counts when you're five feet tall!

While Mark was gone in Brazil our Air Conditioning stopped working. I stayed in my swimsuit for three days until the repairman could come and say, "you just need to change your filters"...#firsthomebuyerproblems

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