Monday, January 8, 2018


It has been YEARS since I've updated this blog. I think I need to start right now, because if I had to go back and re-trace the last few years, this would never be up to date!

I want to start by saying, the years 2015, 2016 AND 2017 were all difficult years! Difficult, but there was so much growth and humbling and praying (and therapy!) that went into them. I am very excited for this new year!

Because it's January 8th, I've been wanting to write a Review of 2017, and also list the recent family goals that we came up with tonight for our FHE.

2017: furnishing and settling into our new home in Orem (closed in December 2016), five months of therapy for anxiety, overcoming and learning to better cope with that anxiety (which soon resulted in a pregnancy! ha!), falling in love with Insanity and Pump classes, 10 weeks of first trimester sickness with kids mostly watching tv and having terrible nutrition, Noah starting school, him loving it, volunteering to teach music and art in his class, Ellery starting pre-school and loving it, me living the kid-free life a few hours a week, feeling more connected with Mark than ever, starting a neighborhood book club, getting a calling in church with the young women, aquarium trips, Sodalicious runs, discovering the wonder (and detriment to our bank account) of Amazon Prime, upgrading to Executive members at Costco (haha), and our very first family vacation. Phew!

Our family goals this year are:
1- Read the Book of Mormon every morning during breakfast
2- Read a paragraph each night in The Living Christ--Memorize by Easter
3- Train for a 1-mile race this summer
4- Swimming/Basketball/Hiking/Soccer/ T-ball practice 2 days each week
5- Each member of the family read 20 minutes/day
6- Write in our journals regularly (4 times/week)

As for my personal goals, I want to focus on The Living Christ and the Personal Progress program. I started a rigid budget for this year so that we can begin saving more. I have chosen to be ignorant to my expenses in the past couple of years, and it was time to face the facts and see what an awful spender I am! I am a recovering shop-a-holic (or Amazon-a-holic) and am working really hard at that. I'm finally motivated. I never had the drive to change before now. I can't wait to see the progress in our bank account! Physically, I'm focusing on having a healthy pregnancy by continuing to exercise four or five times a week, have a healthy baby, and get back to moving and recovering as soon as possible. I've never been this active while pregnant, and I'm curious to see if there's any difference once I have this baby.

It is Ellery's third birthday tomorrow! Mark and I have a play kitchen that is waiting to be assembled 😐. I can't believe our baby is three. She's the sunshine in our family (most of the time!).

Until next time....

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