Monday, January 8, 2018

More Summer 2014 highlights!

Stadium of Fire with all my Clark side for the family reunion. July 4th Carrie Underwood perfomed, y'all. LOVE her.

The day that we found out we were having a GIRL!!!  

16 weeks

When Mark is really feeling generous and especially in love with me, he takes me to our favorite Orem restaurant. Pizzeria 712, you have my heart forever.

Followed by a banana split from Dairy Queen? Random, but the baby must have wanted it. I ate so much ice cream pregnant with Ellery.

Following the news of us having a baby girl, I had to shop for her. Funny though--now I don't really like what I bought for her last summer :[

twenty something weeks, I'm sure.

I always craved banana peppers too. Wraps were my only way of eating healthy and only if I had some tangy banana peppers. Anything with vinegar made my soul complete, and a lot of that has stayed.

We took a trip to the Curiosity Museum and these two ended up falling asleep in the car. And since I had done my hair and make up and wasn't wearing one of mark's big t-shirts, I had to take a #selfie. Vain, vain, woman.

August came and my mom flew out from Dallas to take me to Education Week. It was just the two of us for the whole week and it was wonderful. My grandma Carol watched Noah all day long for 5 days. I am so grateful that I had that opportunity.

By the end of the week I had gained a million BYU brownie pounds.

Mark and I followed a food truck on Instagram called "Art City Donuts" and headed to get some for a date one night. They did NOT disappoint. But I had to stop following them for fear of addiction and therefore...heart attack.

I was eating really well* at this point in my pregnancy...*sugar, dairy, sugar, dairy

I remember this was about the time that I was always in pain. It hurt to do anything! I'm a wuss though.

My daily uniform taking care of my mellow first born (sarcasm.)

More ice cream. Notice it's empty.

Despite all the pounds gained, I still felt cute pregnant. It's a tender mercy, because looking back at pictures I think WHOA. Step away from the ice cream. Far away!

23 weeks 1 day

Summer was coming to a close, and baby girl was growing big and strong. Bring on the Holidays. 

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